Just ordered 2 weeks of @axcho schmoylent

So as the title states, I’ve taken the plunge and ordered @axcho 's DIY formula schmoylent. I did this mainly because my Soylent excitement was at critical mass as I was in week 10 of the 10-12 week shipping estimate for 5/6 orders, when the additional 8-10 week shipping estimate dropped. I don’t think I can deal with another 8-10 weeks of anticipation, so I’m going to try and do 100% schmoylent for 2 weeks as a primer for when my official Soylent one month recurring order finally ships.

I’ll be writing more about my experience when I receive the schmoylent, including review and blood work before and afters.

A bit of info about me:
I’m 23 years old 6’2", 230 lbs, I run about 10 miles a week and lift at least once a week. 5 years ago, I weighed 350 lbs and lost 120 lbs through lifestyle change.

What I expect out of schmoylent:
-Weight loss: I’ll be consuming less calories than my daily average if I stick to 100% schmoylent relatively closely. I’d like to lose 20-30 lbs of subcutaneous fat that remains on my body, or ideally transform it into lean muscle. I know that realistically won’t happen in 2 weeks.
-Efficiency: Ease of preparation and lack of necessary planning are a big draw for me
-General well being: Meeting most of my nutritional needs every day should theoretically be pretty good for me.

I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Update 07/31/14 I received a shipping notification e-mail today saying my order should arrive in 1-3 days! Very excited :slight_smile:

update 8/3/14
I got my 2 week supply yesterday! I’m gonna be doing 100% Schmoylent and based on my first impressions I’ll probably be reordering.

The taste is good, so is the texture… Kinda like a vanilla oatmeal shake with hints of stevia. I actually don’t care for the stevia sweetener taste but it’s mild enough to not be an issue. So far I had lunch & dinner yesterday & breakfast today and I feel good! I added about half a 750ml bottle of camarena tequila to my dinner Soylent at a party so I should be pretty hungover right now but besides natural grogginess from lack of sleep I feel good. I’m going to go for a trail run this afternoon… I expect to run about 8 miles so I’ll probably be having a double portion of Schmoylent for dinner. So far so good, more updates to come!


Same thing here - was in the last 2 weeks of the original 10-12 week wait. Had such a mixture of excitement and relief that I’d be able to soon start integrating Soylent into my routine. I work closing shifts in retail so it was/will be my primary breakfast and after work snack. Also looking forward to a gradual weight trim being on a more regular diet and all the ‘general well being’ benefits that come with it.

Immediately after reading the sadPanda email I ordered a days worth (purely for taste comparison) of both @axcho Schmoylent and @Spaceman 100%FOOD. The husband and I will take a taste test and see which we will be ordering in larger quantities to supplement our regular diet with.

Good luck with your plunge!


I just got my People Fuel Plain, and my only complaint is there are no instructions.

@axcho How much water is recommended to add to a bag? How long will it last once I mix it?

Anyone else who’s been using axcho’s stuff, please feel free to weigh in.


in his schmoylent instructions it says 8 cups of water. It’s near 2 liters of water, so after the powder I fill up water in my pitcher to around 2.5 liters or so of total mix and it gives me about 3 to 3.5 meals in my insulated thermos.


Hey @ddanford, really sorry about the lack of instructions - all orders are supposed to get them, so there must have been a mistake on my end!

Here are the instructions for People Fuel Plain:

To make a day’s worth of People Fuel Plain, you will need…

1 bag (about 3.5 cups) of People Fuel Plain powder
4 tablespoons (60 ml) of Canola Oil (or other oil)
9 cups (2000 ml) of Water

First, pour a little water into your pitcher, bottle, or blender.
Then add the powder and any other flavorings you choose.
Pour in the rest of the water and mix by shaking or blending.
Feel fre to use more or less water to adjust the consistency.
Finally, pour in the oil and mix again.

Leave it in teh refrigerator overnight and serve chilled.
Keep refrigerated after mixing and consume within two days.
Feel free to split it into meals or sip on it all throughout the day.



It arrived in two boxes, and it just now occurred to me to look in the second box. So it’s possible there are instructions, and I’m just not using my brain! Thanks for the info again, though!

I tried it with 32 oz of water, and it was crazy thick, and it wasn’t even all dissolved. 9 cups makes way more sense, though I’m going to have to find a larger mixing container, or find a way to split the powder into two batches.

Thanks again everybody! Sorry to hijack this thread!

Congrats! I’m only trying to lose about 40-50 lbs total, and I plateaued a little around 25 lbs. Picked up the exercise regimen, and switching to soylent. Hope the combo will get me those last 15-25 lbs.


So, my first impression is not very favorable. I tried drinking some this morning and it was way too gritty. After about half a cup, I was gagging on it… Unfortunately, I don’t know how much water I ended up adding, as I just kept adding water because I couldn’t get it to mix thoroughly.

This afternoon, it had completely separated, so I mixed it back up and am trying another glass. It’s still super gritty, so much so that I can barely get a sense of the taste, but I’m not gagging this afternoon. I’m getting to the bottom of my glass, and there’s a bunch of powder on the bottom when I take a sip, so thinking I didn’t add enough water.

I’m really hoping that I just messed it up by starting without knowing the correct process. I’m debating calling this batch a loss, and pouring the rest out so I can start from scratch and measure everything precisely. @axcho Do you (or anyone really) know the volume post mixing if I use 9 cups of water total?

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Should be 10 or 11 cups total, maybe?

Just yesterday I had some more People Fuel Plain, and after having gotten used to Schmoylent and Ax Fuel, I have to say People Fuel was pretty poor in comparison - both in terms of taste and texture. I’m tempted at this point to cull a bunch of my recipes, especially People Fuel, and stop offering them because they just don’t stack up to some of the more recent ones.

I think the best way to improve People Fuel (or People Chow) is to add cinnamon and cayenne to it. Cocoa powder doesn’t go well with it, I’ve found.


I’ll try cinnamon and cayenne. Hopefully my next batch gets a little better mixed and isn’t so gritty, or I just get used to the texture.

Thanks for the info!

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Sorry to say @ddanford but People Chow (name changed to People Fuel recently?) is going to be pretty gritty. The masa is responsible, it’s the same stuff used to make corn tortillas. I got used to the texture, but not the flavor, and ended up adding flavorings for each batch. If you have a blender that can help a lot. Otherwise, blender bottles can mix the masa pretty well, but it’s not like the masa dissolves into the water, more like the particles are suspended in the liquid, which is why I always gave it a shake before sipping.

@axcho You might be able to remove People Fuel as a product, but the lower price point probably appeals to some people. I’d ask your current People Fuel customers first, or maybe you could continue to offer it to existing customers while removing it from your main page.


Hopefully I can get used to the texture. I don’t mind the flavor too much, I’m going to try using smaller bottles, so I can mix it up easier before each sip.

That’s why I went with the People Fuel Plain.

Good to know. :wink: It would be nice to come up with a similarly inexpensive recipe that tastes more like Schmoylent…

@axcho… so I’m about a week in to my 2 week Schmoylent supply and I’m loving it! Fills the space I expected it to quite nicely. Flavor is good, consistency I like, and it’s so easy to prepare! @axcho sent me a sample of a new formula sans maltodextrin, and I do prefer that to regular Schmoylent. Will be reordering!

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@ddanford, I’ve been working on a recipe called Simple Fuel, which would be even less expensive than People Fuel Plain, but based on oat flour (better taste and texture). The reason it would be cheaper is that you’d have to add milk instead of water and oil, so it would only be for people who are fine with dairy.

Would that appeal to you more than People Fuel Plain, or would having to add milk instead of water and oil make it less appealing?

Feel free to chime in, also, everyone else. :wink:

I’ve never had problems with dairy myself, but also never regularly consumed 8 cups of whole milk a day. It sounds like a lot of milk. I’d be interested to see if people like myself who haven’t had issues with dairy have any issue with 8 cups of it.

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That’s a really good question. Any volunteers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ll do a taste test, but I’m somewhat lactose intolerant so I don’t think I’d do any long-term trials…

That is an interesting idea. It would even allow people to add some different customization by using different types of milk like 2% versus whole milk.

I might try it, but I feel bad because I’m not using the People Fuel Plain I ordered.

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Yeah, good point. :slight_smile:

How much People Fuel Plain do you have left?

A belated report on @axcho Schmoylent, sweetened-with-sucralose variant:

When flavored with some cocoa and a touch of mint, this one was an actual success with the spouse! For me, it was a little too sweet, though I liked it better than the stevia version. So it’s true!: stevia ain’t for everyone.

How much sucralose was in a day’s batch? I might like two-thirds or half the amount.

Simple Fuel sounds like it should work well with powdered milk, which is cheaper and has a much much longer shelf life than fresh milk. It’s readily available in most grocery stores, but in its usual form is nonfat, so you’d have to add fat as well as water. @axcho, it would be great if you could do the calculations for how much powdered milk, water and oil a customer should add to a day’s worth, and include that alternative in the instructions!

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Good to know! I think half the sucralose would be the right amount - that would make it more or less the same as Soylent.

I’ll look into powdered milk, thanks…