Just ordered everything. What am I missing?


Here is my recipe. I just ordered all of the ingredients. Comments?


Did you add Chloride? Your recipe doesn’t seem to have any in it. Also are you trying to loose weight as your calories are @1600 And I am guessing it was a typo that you have 76g of potassium


Yup typo. Thanks for catching it. What do you recommend for a chloride source?


Your salt has chloride. Approx 60% chloride by weight (and 40% sodium).


Also, 2g of MSM does not equal 2g of sulphur. MSM is a sulphur compound so is made up of a bunch of other elements too. MSM contains approx 34% sulphur by weight. So you would need 6g of MSM for 2g of sulphur.


Updated again thanks!