Just received a shipping update via email for soylent I didn't order



Like the title says, I just received the “your shipping labels have been printed” email for a one week supply of soylent shipped to my address.

While I don’t mind free stuff, I just wanted to contact and inform someone at the company that I have ordered 2 weeks of soylent thus far and have received both of them. One as a backer early in the year and another one time order purchased at the end of September.

I’m certain I didn’t place a recurring order because I was billed the 85$ for 1 week price and my email address does not work to log into the order management section of the soylent website.

Anyways, just received a third email out of the blue and wanted to make sure I’m not on auto order by mistake.



Yeah… I looked at the tracking number they included in the email. looks like it was already handed off to FedEx.

So… free soylent I guess? I have been seeing quite a few lost order threads lately and at least one other person who has received an unexpected shipment. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a mix up and a bunch of the recurring subscriptions got the wrong shipping labels put on them.



Alright this is going to be my final update on this unless the @soylent team has something to add.

I received the rogue shipment today. Order # 34650 Transaction Id 1413311888-812481-1.

Hopefully this info helps you guys get to the bottom of the mix up.


Hey @spencer1, as you’ve stated it looks like your order got doubleshipped – apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Operations is looking into the cause of this mixup.


Thank you! No inconvenience here. I look forward to ordering more in the future. Just wanted to help the glitches get sorted so as many people can enjoy soylent as possible!