Just received my spaceman food


And I have to say, it’s the dog’s bollocks.

I ordered 7 days of chocolate, and just finished the first bottle. The chocolate is good, the fiber makes it filling. Instead of shaking it in the bottle as the instructions said I used the shaker I take to the gym. But I’m complicated that way.

Tomorrow I’m going to empty half a bottle and replace the missing calories with coconut oil, see how it feels.

@Spaceman - two observations: make sure the chocolate is not milk chocolate. Lactose intolerance is a pain and you may not reach as many customers as you could.

Also, this comes all the way from San Fran, I live in Northern Europe. Shipping costs almost doubled the price of the package. Can you not setup a reseller in Europe?

But seriously guys, this is thoroughly good. 10/10, will drink again.


@Spaceman is already working on a more convenient way for his European customers to receive their orders. Stay tuned!
Your review reminds me that it’s time for me to begin with my 100%FOOD diary as well :blush:


I always forget this phrase means “very good thing”… :slight_smile:


This product uses soy protein. That stuff can cause some serious gas in many people. I think until these powdered food companies can come up with an easily digestible protein, they’ll always have trouble making everybody happy.

I find chicken very, very easy to digest. Perhaps the food companies can figure out a way to powderize chicken protein.


I had to look this one up as well, and between my current and former employer I have worked eight years for a company with offices in Britain and have never heard this one (but I have had to look up other sayings).

My first mental image was a dog licking his… anyway, happy to say it means something completely different.


If the below picture is right, the chocolate flavor seems to contain too much manganese (103% per one meal) I’d be cautious.
Here’s a link to WebMD article about manganese: link.


@spaceman What say ye?


Hi @becks, as I answered in this thread:

FDA sets the minimal required amount for minerals and vitamins as 100% for daily intake.
There is also maximum daily intake for every mineral and vitamin.

For instance for Manganese these values are:
Minimum - 2 mg
Maximum - 10 mg (according to the University of Maryland Medical Center1)

We consider any value in between as optimum, since there is no one meaning where it lies exactly.

So, when we say 102% of Manganese on the label - it means, that according to minimum, required by 2000 cal diet, the bottle contains 2.04mg of Manganese.

3 bottles a day = 6.06mg, that is less than overdose in 10 mg.

The same situation with the other values for vitamins and minerals. We try to keep values equal or above minimum, but less than maximum.

FIY: High value of Manganese comes to the mixture from Hemp Seeds.


Before we finalise our new flavours set for 100%FOOD, pls. suggest what fruit flavor do you prefer?

  • Mango
  • Blueberry
  • Cranberry
  • Banana
  • Mix of them


All but banana for me.


Out of those I would only choose Banana.


Banana, Mango & Blueberry.


To add to what you’re saying about 2mg-10mg being considered safe…

Women who are pregnant or nursing should never exceed their daily recommended intake. This is the reason we will not reorder. It is inconvenient to constantly monitor my wife’s manganese intake, ensuring that if she has a single bottle in a day, for her not to have any more foods that contain manganese, as she is nursing.


I think spaceman’s product is good, but it is too low in protein and too high in carbs. His mix gives a 60/30/10 (carb/fat/protein) ratio and official soylent gives a 51/26/23 ratio. It’s still MUCH better than what I was getting!


You can always supplement with some protein!! Try casein


According to the website I have linked below it is safe to have manganese consumption of up to 9mg/ day, even while pregnant. It reccomends 2mg/ day, however does not explicitly dissuade from higher consumption.


Thanks @8O8, @ForebodingStew for suggestions.

@Rooper66 - due to collaboration with @ruipacheco, I think we’ll soon announce in addition to the “Double Protein” - “Not horrible Ketogenic” 100%FOOD. So you will have a choice for proportions.

How soon? - Keep fingers crossed for Jun-23…


“Not horrible ketogenic”

Does that translate to releasing a ketogenic variety?

As to flavors the more the better, I doubt I would be interested in Mango though, but yes to the others.


Pregnant and nursing women should steer very well clear from Soylent or Spacefood or anything pregnant women haven’t been eating for thousands of years.

We get toxic farts, $deity knows what these products will do to an unborn child.


I look forward to having different ratios of protein/fat/carb. If you get this figured out you’ll have a lot more customers that need more tailored macros. Soylent is carb-heavy as it is and alternatives are needed.