Just saw Soylent being talked about on CBS Sunday Morning


It was an episode about food titled "Eat Drink and be Merry. Rob was featured in it briefly.




I added your link to the Soylent in the media thread.


Sorry didn’t see your post in the media thread before I posted this… didn’t mean to be redundant.


I think we both posted about the same time. What did you think of the segment?


I was just channel surfing when I came across the segment and started watching. I had no idea they were gonna talk about Soylent but before the commercial break I saw someone pouring a glass and thought, that looks like Soylent! Then when they came back from commercial they showed the empty black pitcher on the table and knew what was coming.

I thought the segment was interesting overall . As far as the part about Soylent in particular, I was glad they presented it without a lot of the negativity that seems common when covering Soylent these days. I thought the response about it tasting like chemicals and lipids was based more on what he knew was in there rather than an honest reaction to the taste, but not a big deal.


I totally agree…


The old “chemicals” thing that so many fall back on is so silly. Everything is chemicals so how can chemicals have one particular taste? Calling something “chemicals” is just a shorthand way of dismissing it in a manner that many people will automatically go along with.



I hate anything with that chemical called “water” in it, personally. Darned nasty chemicals, get outta mah food!


I just laughed. That’s got to be among the most negatively loaded ways to say that Soylent has a bland flavor. I wonder how he’d describe it if we gave him a mug of Soylent mixed with Clorox.


Gotta get those chemical free drinks.


Gonna love SMBC lol smbc is all kinds of awesome.


Yes one must avoid that di hydrogen monoxide. Scary chemical!


It’s nearly a universal solvent. How scary is that?