Just so I understand


The ingredients in Soylent 1.0 are Oat Flower, Maltodextrin, Brown Rice Protein Isolate, Canola Oil, Fish Oil, and Fiber? So I could theoretically get these items, mix them up and drink it? I was looking at some of the recipes and was wondering why so many of them have like 50 ingredients and cost upwards of 800 dollars. Am I reading things right?


Check out blog.soylent.me/tagged/ingredients for a full list of ingredients, you’ve only listed the Macro ingredients.


Ok, I see now. Thank you. So those other recipes are using this base, and different variations of the macro ingredients?


The different recipes use whatever they choose, at this time the recipes on diy.soylent.me are completely crowdsourced.


Oh you bearded bad boy. That’s a whole recipe right there!

(Still waiting for my batch to arrive though)


The macro ingredients are the easy part! The vitamin/mineral blend might be a bit difficult/tedious for an individual to obtain on his own without lots of precision measuring equipment and industrial sources. Not sure if the ultimate cost would work out to be cheaper. But it could be potentially “higher quality” if you are concerned about bioavailability and use different chemicals. And it would be tailored to you, the individual, not Mr. 2000 kcal androgyne.