Just started my Soylent. This is Scary!


I was an early supporter of Soylent on Kickstarter and I just received my 1 months supply. I just made my first batch using a Vitamix blender and it is nice and smooth. My first impression is it tastes like raw cookie dough. I like the flavor… so far. : )

I am a bit confused about how much I need to consume. I am 6 feet tall and 170 pounds. I am thin and that extra weight is strictly in my belly. From what I understand, 1 packet of the Soylent with the oil is equal to 2,000 calories a day. Is this correct?

I am looking to lose a few pounds and get a flat stomach again. If I consume the entire pitcher of Soylent daily, will I lose weight? Now, I just have got to give up the french fries and ice cream.

Also, I am not going to lie here. I have never fasted or put myself on a cleanse diet. Going Soylent is damned scary for me? I work as a bartender in a restaurant and I have to always be on my “A” game. I must always be smiling and friendly and I am always under stress. I hope Soylent doesn’t mess me up.

I welcome any and all suggestions. I will keep you all up-to-date!


Yes, a pouch is 2010 calories with the oil.
Some tips:

  1. Don’t do a direct change to 100% soylent. Your bowels will thank you. It can be hard switching to a diet with so much fiber (gas/bloating) and potassium (headaches) all at once.
  2. Use a good BMR calculator to see what your estimated caloric intake is. http://bmr.soylent.me is one.
  3. If you do go 100% Soylent, add 1/4-1/5 teaspoon of salt to each day’s batch.


Thank you so much for the tips! That BMR calculator is awesome! Thank you so much. It looks as if I were to consume the entire pack of Soylent a day, I won’t lose any weight! I need to shave off 300 calories. But because I am not eating ice cream and french fries, I would think I would lose weight anyway. Hmmm, decisions. Thanks again!


Seeing as you’re not hugely obese (in fact, not obese at all according to mortality statistics that disagree with BMI), I would start off with the number of calories to maintain. A lot of the bellyfat might come from the french fries, alcohol (if any), etc. But if you control for that, you might find that the bellyfat is going away over time.

But I second the post by j8048188. Don’t treat this like a mandate. Treat Soylent as the meal you take because nothing better is on offer. Don’t go 100% right away. If you need something to keep an “all systems go” status for work, do that.

But you might get lucky. Some people find that a Soylent meal makes them more alert and improves their mental stamina.



Thank you, Eve, for your encouragement. Yes, I sometimes think my belly fat comes just as much from bloating as the fat itself. I hate it! I am hoping Soylent will help. Working in a restaurant 11 hours a day, I am surrounded by unhealthy eating choices. I do drink wine, too. I average 3 glasses a day. I am hoping I don’t have to give up wine or coffee. I just love my coffee in the morning. I will keep reporting in. Thank you for the hand holding. I really need it.


Forget about weight. Period. Seriously… it’s entirely the wrong metric.

We have lost a negligible amount of weight in our 3 months with Soylent, but have seen a measured increase in our muscle mass (as determined by a doctor visit). Since muscle of course weights a lot more than fat, this is pretty much exactly what I suspected was going on, since our clothes were looser than they had been in some time, though the scale wasn’t changing much.

So I would say don’t even worry about your weight, just consume enough so that you feel good. Don’t start 100% as already suggested… I usually suggest replacing 1 meal first, breakfast if possible since it sets up the day so well (in my experience at least). Then you can gradually add lunch too and if you really want to go 100%, in a week or two you can work up to replacing dinners as well. Just don’t go zero-to-100% and you should be just fine, but of course always pay attention to your body and if you notice anything undesirable happening, get some feedback and/or switch back to conventional food until you’re sure you know what’s going on.

Enjoy! =)


I can relate because as a teenager and young adult I was super skinny (before that was fashionable). But I had a large store of belly fat that gave me a perpetually pregnant look.

BTW, I stopped drinking beer (two pints a day with my dinner) because of it. Didn’t do any good.



Lol… nor is he overweight according to BMI. I don’t think that was his concern.


When I started doing my DIY soylent about 4 months ago I dropped from 165 to 160+ lbs and stabilized there. I decided I should gain a little weight so went over the 2000 calories a day and still ate a little junk food on the side. I’m just under 170 lbs now and it looks like I’ve stabilized on there. I also walk about 6 miles and day and lift some small 5 lb weights a tiny bit just to give my arms a tiny bit more muscle.

As with most everyone else, my pants got looser almost immediately. I’m almost two hole more in my belt now (a couple inches) and didn’t do much to get there. I agree with everybody else, ignore your weight. Start with 2000 calories. Don’t worry about going over but probably don’t go under. My completely unfounded guess is that when you get the right nutrition, your body just normally finds its correct weight. If you do go 100% Soylent, you probably won’t ever have to worry about your weight. Again, everything I’m saying is unfounded. :smile:


Thank you, Jeff, and everyone else for your advice so far. It is almost the end of my day and I have gone food free! Only Soylent. So far, I’ve consumed about 3/4 of it. I don’t know if I’ll finish it off tonight or not. It’s so strange; I feel like a fish out of water. I am having, however, a couple of glasses of wine to end my day.


As some one who works in the industry, the biggest peice of advice I would give you is try not to consume calories starting at least 2 hours before you’re going to sleep, 4 hours is better. For me this means not consuming anything after midnight (with the exception of an inevitable drink or 3). Having tried a huge range of different eating patterns and habits, this one is by far the most effective, followed by having a decent breakfast almost every day. Reiterating what a few people have said though, wieght is a terrible metric for overall fitness or health, I am 5’6" and 180 lbs, and while I should loose 10-15 lbs for aesthetics I am be no means overwieght.


Yeah like others have said about weight… Proportions are more important… And it seems for some that Soylent slims them more than they actually lose in weight… Could this perhaps be because of less volume in the guts or because fat is being burned off the body? (I would like to know)


Today is day 3 on Soylent. The first day I was on Soylent only. I made a mistake a drank coffee after my Soylent and this wasn’t good for my stomach. My stomach felt like acid. I have a sensitive stomach. I am not one of those people who can have pizza and OJ for breakfast in the morning. Yesterday morning I changed my routine and had my coffee first before the Soylent. I was fine. I also ate one lamb-chop lollipop at my job. I don’t want to give up food entirely but use Soylent for most of my meals. Today I had Soylent and 2 chorizo tacos. So in three days the only whole food I had was 2 tacos and 1 lamb-chop lollipop. Not bad. I am quite happy with this. I have to say, however, I am getting a knot in my stomach and it could be because I’m not used to so much fiber. Also, a few people at my job said today I looked tired and, to tell you the truth, I felt totally lethargic. I think this might take a bit of time for my body to adjust to Soylent but I am still very positive about it.

One more question about the ingredient list: Why does Soylent use canola oil instead of healthier oils like olive oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil, or grape seed oil? Is it just because canola oil is cheaper?


Dang. Dang. Dang! This is just my third day into Soylent and I found this article regarding Soylent. I think it was my concern about canola oil that made me do my research. When I saw Rob Rhinehart on the T.V. show, “The Doctor’s”, I was impressed and, yet, the ingredients in Soylent is full of junk. Really, Surcralose? I am giving up going to the supermarket for this?



Article already discussed at great length in this thread - http://discourse.soylent.me/t/the-soylent-killer/11434


There isn’t any sucrose in Soylent.

As for why we chose Canola Oil, don’t be fooled, there are few oils that are considered healthier by doctors and nutritionists. Those oils you mentioned have high saturated fat or poor mono/polyunsaturated fat. Have a look at this helpful chart to see the linoleic and oleic acid content of various oils.

Here is a macronutrient chart from the institute of medicine that should be helpful as well.



That article is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, on any subject. She is so provably wrong on so many of her points, (go look up vanillin, and then look up her quote about it) that I wonder why she even posts.


The part of the article that annoyed me was:

I told Jeff it was at his own risk if he wanted to drink this, but I needed it in writing that he would not consume this while working on my project, as I required all facets of his mind and organs (brain, liver, kidneys, nervous system, and digestive system, to name a few) to be in full and optimal working order.

Just the idea of employers telling their employees what they can or cannot eat, as if a happy meal (or in this case Soylent) is a psychoactive drug.


Especially as there is no diet that can make those guarantees, including a totally organic one where you dig your veggies out of the ground for every meal. I actually did this for a couple of summers when I was a housekeeper at a small ranch.



Is there an independent article about all the ingredients used in Soylent? Also, is there a thread on this forum talking about the ingredients used in Soylent? I am keeping an open mind but I do wonder if the best ingredients were used in this product or if too many synthetics and stabilizers were used to rush this product to market and satisfy investors.