Just started Soylent for the first time AND going 100% cold turkey


So yea, here’s me, an avid self proclaimed carnivore and foodie who is not only trying out Soylent for the first time, but going 100% cold turkey as an experiment, to see how easily it can be done. So far, so good, but I’m definitely going to be checking out the recipes to see what I can do about getting some better flavor going for this 1.4 Soylent.

Still within my first week and I’ve been keeping a youtube video blog of my progress so far at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFBGzB-SKNDMiqO1DQQ68g

So far, I’ve been mixing blueberries and yogurt into the mixture to make it palatable, but I’m looking to experiment with some more recipes, especially those that are chocolate based. So, if anyone has any favorites, fire away!


Glad to have you on board!

Be warned, there may be an adjustment period of a few days that consists of headaches or other discomforts. I experienced it when I switched to 100% and I know others have as well. The benefits far outweigh the temporary drawbacks, however!


That is correct. Others of us, like me, found no adjustment period at all, but I am always fearful that some newbie will mistake a temporary bad reaction for the real thing.


I jumped to a 90% soylent only diet in a matter of a couple days, which is now consistently 90-100% soylent.

Haven’t had any notably negative reactions (now just a few days past the 1 month mark). Positives seem to be better energy, much greater convenience, and better skin condition, among other things.