Just started Soylent today


I just started Soylent today and blogged about it here: http://joshstrange.com/soylent-day-1/ I plan on blogging regularly about my experience and I will answer any questions people have in here. Really excited to get started!


Checked out your blog. I’ll follow your progress there (and here). I just started today on a pure oat recipe since my maltodextrine hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. Tastes like drinking oat muffin batter.


Yeah, the Oat powder isn’t the best tasting stuff :). I am noticing that unless I water it down more or drink it while it is really cold that it is kind of gritty. I’m not sure if this is just due to me not blending long enough (I did blend it for a long time though) or if there just isn’t enough water for it to dissolve in and I just don’t notice as much when it’s colder.


I find soaking it in water overnight (as part of my mix) softens the oat flour and makes it less gritty.


Just wondering, how come nobody uses peanut butter for fat/fiber/calories instead of olive oil… Does Olive oil even mix properly?

I look at your blog, liked the idea that your carrying a whole days worth in that container… Quick question on that… wouldn’t the oats sink to the bottom?


I mix mine the night before and put in fridge. I do add peanut butter as a flavor and for a extra fat & protein in the morning


This is why emulsifiers are used.


Mine has no emulsifier and a few shakes before I open the bottle and it’s all good. I mixed it in a blender last night and it’s been great all day so far. Peanut butter sounds like an interesting ingredient.


Some ingredients that people are using (such as protein powders) contain emulsifiers such as lecithin. I haven’t been using any myself and the impact is minor globules of oil floating on the surface. Not the end of the world. I bought some lecithin today to test.Hopefully it does a better job of suspending the oat powder/fiber from settling as well.


I didn’t notice any oil separating out, I am pretty sure what I saw separating was really the oats.


Yeah, I made mine last night and let it sit but wonder if the gritty part is due to not enough water in the main container.


Hey guys, so I just updated my blog with a couple more pictures and an update of the rest of the day you read the update here. Thanks for all the suggestions and if you have any questions for me feel free to ask! Good night.


Thanks Josh, I’ll follow your blog, as I plan to do the same in Jan next year.


Day 2 Update: Link

Thanks again guys for the support/suggestions!


If you’re only consuming 1700 kcal you are probably going to have a very difficult time. I strongly recommend more.

I consume ~2600 kcal / day. 400g carbs, 100g protein, 65g fat. I recommend finding something that makes you feel completely full, satisfied, and energetic for an entire day. From there, if you’d like to lose weight, perhaps drop the calories a little. You will have very strong cravings otherwise.

Also I’d love to see if you experiment with different flavorings.


Hey Rob, yeah after thinking about it some more and researching online I am going to tweak my formula to add more calories, really I shouldn’t have started it that low but I wanted to use exactly what was listed on the blog I found it on. I have set my alarm to wake up early to add some more to tomorrow’s batch.


Day 3 (half-way) Update: link

Spoiler: It’s not going well


I’d describe myself as in exactly the same situation as you - I ordered the same ingredients and am following the same recipe. Luckily not all the ingredients have arrived yet, but I’ll definitely be re-thinking the recipe before trying it myself given your experience.


Sorry to read your misfortune. I’m very happy i run into the right recipe that worked for me.
I think the fibres are very importent. I use very plain “real” food fibres i bought in an so called eco-store ( in the Netherlands). The taste is awfull, but the digestion-proces seems like perfectly tweaked.
Would advise to take it a bit more easy. Take real food! It tastes so well. Then adjust your soylent until its right. Going “all-in” is maybe not such a great idea when it comes to food. But to have soylent as an option in the future seems like a great comfort to me.


It sounds like your fiber is actually too high, which is interfering with the rate of nutrient absorption. I recommend trying to remove the ‘fitness fiber’ and relying on just the fiber in the oat powder for now and seeing how you feel.

If you’re off kilter from a bad soylent batch you may want to give yourself a day or two to recover before trying again.