Just starting Soylent 1.4 and some concerns


I’ve been going on and off Soylent 1.4 7-day pack for the last two weeks, I have been mainly using for lunch at work since I don’t have a lot of time to prepare or get food. I’m also trying to replace my craving for fast food by having a quicker and healthier alternative.

So far 1.4 tastes blah, like wheat, it has a gritty texture when swallowing which isn’t that pleasant but I can down a glass and not gag, it’s just very bland which I was expecting. It does satisfy physically and get me through the day without energy spikes I normally get with a carb-filled meal. It does as advertised. It’s a little hard to mix in the pitcher which i think has to do with the powered fats.

Pretty much most of the people I talk about it or they see me drinking it refer to “Soylent is people” and laugh so it’s an interesting point of conversation.

A concern I have is my digestive tract, I have pretty solid bowel movements but I am concerned about how my body is reacting to the nutrition, especially the level of fats/oils. Has anyone had issues with bowel movements and consistency after starting Soylent?


Welcome, themitch22!! Congrats on taking the plunge with Soylent. My first week’s bowel movements stank to high heaven, but otherwise were normal. I did get pretty bad gas for the first 2 days, but that went away by day 5. I (like many people) assumed Soylent would give a runny stool like a shake, but its not a milk product. Other than than the temporary gas, I haven’t noticed much difference myself.


There was a lot of rumble in my bowel, one day with diarrhea but everything went fine.


It sounds like you have a specific concern about your bowl movements. Just ask about it directly instead of asking if anyone else noticed anything.


Welcome to discourse! And feel free to use the search option here on discourse; lots of good information that you might like:

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Hope this helps.


Thanks, i think there’s probably more fiber that I have normally been eating so that might be what’s different.

Other than that it’s doing well. I do need some sort of flavoring for it though, just to get over the taste and smell.


Plenty of threads on flavoring Soylent as well.