Just starting to stock the fall out shelter with Soylent


Any doomsday/prepper/survivalists out there using/depending on Soylent?


I’m not as prepped as I should be considering I live in earthquake country, but it’s good to know I have the Soylent.


We have a pantry have filled with boxes of Soylent right now. But it’s got nothing to do with “prepping” and is just fallout from not liking 1.4. :smiley:


With soylent, all you need to stock is water and soylent and a mixing container. YAY!

When the zombies come we all will survive!


Just hope that the zombies don’t take to liking soylent themselves.


They only like brains.

…However they might like the brains of Soylent users more. :fearful:


It’s not the radiation that’ll get ya, it’s the Deathclaws.


Are fallout shelters earthquake proof?

Anyway, to make this more a realistic conversation, the real potential problem for the survivalists is a steady supply of fresh water. Now, technology is coming to your aid here too with really good filters and some solar water generators (where there is humidity of course).

But @inquirerer 's point trumps everything.


Soylent should be great for a fall out shelter… if it has a shelf life measured in “years and years.”

BUT I don’t know what the shelf life is for 1.4. RL may not know either, what with the company being so new, so innovative and not yet catching up with product demand.

There are a lot of people who’ve decided that food preservatives are all bad all the time which works against Preppers. Therefore shelf life may not be a priority for RL. Perhaps the Prepper market will be addressed separately once they are all caught up with back orders. Their product hits most special food issues remarkably well, but long term Prepper storage has not been listed to my field of vision.

I recall my 1.0 was labeled to encourage consumption of dry within about 4 months, and consumption of mixed within about 4 days. That may be incorrect, or outdated, or I may not remember so good. I’ve been eating Schmoylent since before my first and only RL shipment.

Bottom line: you gotta ask RL about shelf life of 1.4.


Shelf life for Soylent is 1-2 years.


I live in the mountains; a very rural setting which is of the type where you see survival-style movies etc. filmed.

I essentially live in a shelter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow you joined just for this? Man are you ever barking up the wrong tree. And you have no clue what you’re talking about. Talk about a two-fer!


Easy, @vanclute. If he claims to know what chicken manure tastes like, I don’t think it fair you challenge him.

Bon appetit, @pedrocalebra! :chicken: :hankey:


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