Just tasted Soylent for the first time

I just tasted Soylent for the first time (2.0). I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor. It wasn’t “GREAT” but it was definitely good enough. I am trying to split my emotional attachment to food and train myself that food is fuel for the body and nothing more. I think this will be a great tool to do that.


I think you’ll find Soylent is ideal for exactly what you’re describing. You may even like many of us, eventually start to crave & even prefer Soylent most of the time. Welcome aboard. =)


Hey Vanclute, are you still drinking 1.3???

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I just started Soylent yesterday and finished bottle 2 this morning. I ordered the Soylent 2.0 bottles in original. I was extremely hesitant about what Soylent would taste like as I have found that protein shakes make me gag, they are so gross!! I found the flavor of 2.0 bottles to be that of graham crackers and a slight hint of oatmeal. When I opened my first bottle and took a sniff, I thought it was going to taste like the bad experiences I had with protein shakes as the initial smell was very much like sniffing a bottle of vitamins (to me). The first initial sniff did smell like vitamins but I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I found that the colder it is, the better it is to drink and also found out that I’m not a fan of warm or room temperature Soylent.

I have been wanting to find something to help me loose weight and help curb my appetite as I am a picky eater and it’s been hard to loose weight. I’m don’t like salads because of the texture, and a lot of vegetables are out because either flavor or texture. I know, it’s weird.

I read a lot of articles online and found posts in this forum which helped guide me into making the decision to start Soylent. So here I am!

My 2nd bottle, I decided to mix a flavor into it to make it taste better. I had some Chocolate Drink powder made by Health Wise (https://www.healthwisenri.com/shop/product/chocolate_drink_shake_shake). I poured a bottle of Soylent into a stick blender cup, added the chocolate drink powder to it and blended it together. Once blended, I poured it back into the Soylent bottle and stuck it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. It made it have the consistency and flavoring of a Wendy’s chocolate frosty (without all the guilt).

My experiences with 2 bottles so far (one each morning), I have found that I feel full for most of the day and I don’t have cravings for sweets (oddly) as I used to. I’ve found myself drinking more water and although a bit tired, I am starting to feel better. I used to be a sweet tea (I live in the southern part of the US where sweet tea is like water) addict and snacked/ate more than I should.

I’m planning on going to a 90% - 100% soylent diet soon.

Soylent just earned a new fan :smiley:


I have personally switched to 2.0 as of maybe 2 months ago, but my other half’s digestion can’t handle the soy in it (but Cacao and Coffiest are both fine for some reason…) So she’s still using up our 1.3 but since I’ve had no trouble with 2.0 at all, I’ve switched so as to make our supply last even longer for her.

Fingers crossed that before it runs out, there’s a “non flavored” RTD version that she can handle too.