Just to put things in perspective


Columbus’ westward voyage to discover the Americas took 5 weeks.

Soylent’s shipping, more than 500 years later, is on track to take 5 times the length of that voyage.

I have a very strong feeling that this company is sort of a hobby for those involved. As soon as any real competition arises, Soylent will go out of business. Any company that modifies transactional promises as often as Soylent has won’t survive very long.

I don’t particularly want to see that happen. However, when “EasyNutrients” (or whatever it will be called) comes along and tells me they can get me a product equivalent to Soylent within two weeks, I am going to buy from them.

The crew at Soylent needs to begin taking this seriously.


Not disagreeing at all with the overall point expressed in your post. Let’s not overlook however that Columbus didn’t have to jump through any of today’s legal/procedural hoops in order to gather ships, crew, and supplies and set sail. He just raised the money and DID IT. There’s an awful lot of difference between a complex task done hundreds of years ago, and a complex task done today.


And that process took way more than five weeks.



Columbus also wasn’t shipping 3M$ worth of material to thousands of people spread across a country as large as the united States


With international backers clamoring for their part.


Well, I hope that we’re not using Columbus as the standard. From http://latinamericanhistory.about.com/od/thevoyagesofcolumbus/tp/Ten-Facts-About-Christopher-Columbus.htm :

Half of his voyages ended in disaster: On Columbus’ famed 1492 voyage, his flagship the Santa Maria ran aground and sank, causing him to leave 39 men behind at a settlement named La Navidad. He was supposed to return to Spain loaded with spices and other valuable goods and knowledge of an important new trade route. Instead, he returned empty-handed and without the best of the three ships entrusted to him. On his fourth voyage, his ship rotted out from under him and he spent a year with his men marooned on Jamaica.

Isabella didn’t get much in return for her investment.



You could do worse than spending a year marooned in Jamaica, though.


They didn’t have drinks with umbrellas back then.



Also, don’t forget that some of Soylent’s ingredients are being sent by ship from China. :stuck_out_tongue:


The comparison doesn’t make any sense.

Also, I’ve seen so many valid criticisms on this site that complaints like “it’s taking too long” and “they need to take things seriously” seem elementary.


Ok, I need to ask this:

Did everyone stop eating while they waited for their Soylent? Because you shouldn’t do that.


Aside from the historical inaccuracy of the OP’s comparison, I deeply sympathize with any kickstarter backer who is waving a pitchfork these days.