Just tried some soylent! Anyone else bothered by the smell?


It’s weird. I feel like I’m drinking bread as I’m typing this. The smell is something else entirely though; it smells like cheap protein powder with too much sweetener. Has anyone found a way to change the smell?

The taste is good, but I can’t stand this smell.


Not sure if its much help but I drink it with 2 or 3 espresso shots. I also add a table spoon of honey and blend it in a nutra-bullet. It has a slight coffee smell after with a slightly sweet coffee taste. But I drink this in the morning.


drink it out of a nalgene?


I find it’s much more objectionable when not cold. I really don’t care for the smell as it’s being mixed for example, but once cold and ready to drink… well I’m not wild about it, but it isn’t a problem either.


I’ll try refrigerating it overnight and adding some hot chocolate powder and we’ll see if that does anything. If not, I’ll freeze it and try drinking it as it thaws.

@davidskyniu I do drink it out of a nalgene bottle, but I’m not entirely sure why that would make a difference.


It definitely is better if it’s been refrigerated for at least a few hours. Both the taste and smell are more subdued (which I actually like, TBH) and the drink itself is smoother and not so chalky.


I agree, though the smoothness might not be temp related. Either way, allowing the product time to sit (fridge or not) is key.

Just got mine yesterday, today is first day total soylent. Had some sit out for a couple hours after making and some sit in fridge for a couple hours. Aside from temp ‘taste’ is the same. Cold is more enjoyable.


After letting it sit in the fridge all night and adding hot chocolate mix, the smell was survivable and I ate about half a meal with my breakfast. I’ll try experimenting with other flavors soon. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of coffee, otherwise I would have given that idea a try.

I also tried freezing it and then crushing it up as a slushy type thing, which turned out wonderfully!


Soylent Smoothies/slushies blended with your favorite fruit or other flavoring, are just delicious. Definitely a great way to go if you’re in the mood for something icy. Lots of us have also liked using powdered peanut butter (brand name is PB2) and blending that in, if you like and can have peanuts. I’m not a coffee fan either but I made a batch of Soylent using cooled-down fresh-brewed coffee once, and two other people said it was amazing. Would probably work with cooled hot chocolate the same way. Hmmmm I may have to give that a try now that I mention it…


I would try adding Cocoa powder rather than hot chocolate mix. The hot chocolate mix probably has a lot of sugar in it.

I didn’t like the sweetness of the original 1.0 and found about two tablespoons of dark cocoa powder per pitcher would reduce the sweetness and make it much more drinkable for me.


I would be worried about leaving prepared Soylent out unrefrigerated. Although I suppose it’s fine if it will be consumed shortly.


Yeah probably true… I happen to like sweet so I’d probably prefer it that way, but I haven’t tried just cocoa powder yet so I really can’t fairly say. Should give that a whirl too…