Just tried Soylent 1.4 - You all scared me and now idk what I think


I shouldn’t have ever read these forums before I got my batch. I got my first order of soylent today and I opened it up and the entire time im thinking “what if its slimy and gross” “what if its salty” “god this is going to be so gross”.

I had to choke it down and im like 100% sure it was all mental because it wasn’t even slimy OR gross. I just kept thinking about it too much. It just tastes like pancake batter with no sugar to me. This forum scared me too much to properly go in with no expectations. I almost gagged before it touched my mouth. I hope I get used to it?

Idk what im going to do now. I kinda don’t want it to be a sweet taste but I think I do need flavoring of some sort at least to start out with. I wish I could make it taste properly fruity without lugging out the blender every time. I think I would like strawberry… except I hate that fake strawberry syrup flavoring taste… I just want real strawberries/blueberries in it with no blending necessary XD Is there anything that can give me that? Some powder?


Ask and ye shall receive. Fruit puree without the blender. You can portion it out into bags and freeze. Then use it to chill your room temp Soylent.


Oh god.

I edit my opinion after its been in the fridge for 2 and a half hours.

It feels like mucus in my mouth

I can’t even sip it

I see what people are saying. Blurgh. TASTE is totally fine for me. Neutral, not sweet, not salty, perfect. But the gross mouthfeel makes me want to spit it out. It was much better fresh. Im not letting mine sit AT ALL after this.


Add more water to cut down on the thickness and “slimy” texture.


The gross mouthfeel is probably due to the emulsifier used to powder the fat source in 1.4. Emulsified fat will coat your mouth and throat like Pepto Bismol, but you can probably reduce this effect by raising the acidity of the drink, perhaps with some lemon juice.

Short of that, I’d suggest experimenting with texturants like fine corn meal.


Wow that is EXACTLY what its like! Pepto Bismol x3!

Im going to try the lemon juice and such. Thank you. I very much enjoy tart/sour tastes over sweet ones so hopefully that works out. I actually would be happier if it were a little more acidic because for some reason I digest stuff better like that.


The flavoring Soylent 1.4 thread

The “Flavoring Soylent” thread


For a single serving, 4 oz of additional water and a squirt of Milk Splash (Cocoa Loco) should do the trick.

Shake it up in a blender bottle and you’re good to go.


I didnt have cocoa loco at my local store… but I just drove out and got the banana flavor and WOW what an improvement. Definitely I can deal with this until something better comes a long at least. Thank you.


Am I the only one that likes Pepto Bismol? :sweat_smile:


You know what else is made of emulsified fat? Soap.

Just sayin’,


If you’re still looking for strawberry/blueberry flavorings that aren’t syrupy, LorAnn Oils sells concentrated flavors that will last you a long time (like, drops per serving).


Emulsified fat doesn’t have a slimy texture. The slime is almost certainly coming from the beta-glucans in the oats which takes some time to hydrate fully. Best solution I can think of is to add some Beano (or any other alpha-galactosidase enzyme) which will break down the beta-glucans and reduce the texture.

If anyone remembers 1.1 which had the addition of enzymes, the texture was much thinner and more watery, and the early versions had over 50% more oat flour than 1.4. It works for me since I have no interest in ingesting meals that feel like some jabroni’s man slime. Crush up Beano and mix it with your Soylent 1.4.


You can try mixing it with ambronite.


I much prefer 1.4 in this respect. I was in on 1.0, and couldn’t do it with any level of consistency. So I had a “batch” go bad in the fridge a couple of times. Unfortunately, that formulation didn’t seem to lend itself well to instant consumption.

With 1.4 I simply mix and drink, pretty much every morning. I’ve even taken it backpacking twice.


Never let a nutjob scare you out of this or ANYTHING else in life. Always find out things for yourself. :+1:


Same here. I’m a big texture person, so I was particularly worried about the complaints of being slimy. I consider myself fortunate that I’m not bothered by the texture.

It is interesting (to me), that every version from v1.0 to v1.3 was universally lauded as being much better when chilled for a few hours, but a substantial number of users find v1.4 better when freshly-prepared. (This is a good note for unsatisfied people who are coming to v1.4 from earlier versions; try preparing in individual servings?)

Again, I consider myself fortunate that I enjoy v1.4 after being refrigerated. It suits my “leisurely” nature to make an entire pitcher at a time, instead of multiple individual servings.


[quote=“Ric, post:17, topic:21572”]
It suits my “leisurely” nature to make an entire pitcher at a time, instead of multiple individual servings.
[/quote]Eh, it suits my “efficient” nature as well. :wink:


I make an entire day’s worth the night before. I do 5/8 of a bag to get about 1250 calories. I add 1tsp Ceylon Cinnamon, and about 15ml of liquid Stevia. I also add one scoop of unflavored whey protein isolate From Amazon
I use the soylent pitcher and fill it about 3/5 of the way with water. Then just shake it till everything is dissolved. The texture is smooth and not thick and doesn’t change all day. The WPI is the key really.


I don’t know if I would consider myself fortunate over that. Every poll that lasted any length of time shows the majority are perfectly fine with it; it seems the vocal minority warps the general perception of 1.4’s reception.