Katefarms Komplete: Vegan Meal Replacement at $26/day

Pursuing my ongoing curiosity about the subject of meal replacement products, I just came across Katefarms products. This is from Southern California, natch. These good folks bill their product, Katefarms Komplete, as the “ultimate” wholefoods, vegan, superfood-packed meal replacement product. I found them via The Daily Meal food news blog. They publicly invite comparison with Ensure, Boost, Muscle Milk and two organic competitors.

Their 330 ml. shake is loaded with 21 superfoods, they claim, 11 of which are berries or fruits, or 12 if you count the coffee beans.

Their products cost $51.48 per case of twelve, that’s only $4.29 per drink. At 330 calories per bottle of 330 ml, I guess you’d need at least six to get through a day – $25.74 or so per day, $772 a month, $9,266 a year (per person).

But it’s vegan! and it’s Komplete! and it’s even available at retail stores (in SoCal anyway)!


EDIT: After I completed this post, I realised it looks rather like spam. That wasn’t my intention. But hey, these folks need all the help they can get… :wink2:

$25.74 or so per day, $772 a month, $9,266 a year (per person).

Wtf… :smiley:

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Well, Ben, inasmuch as you are a UK resident, likely you haven’t much of a notion about life in Southern California, so let’s just say that if you found yourself suddenly transported to that realm, likely you’d be saying WTF!? several dozen times a day. Thass jus the way things is in SoCal…

To help your understanding, you might just think of it as Bespoke Nutrition… if you have to ask what it costs, obviously it is not intended for you… :wink2:


OUCH! I get almost a week for that much.

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I agree that that is insanely expensive. I thought at first that maybe there was a typo! With my formula, the costs round out at about $2,000 / year, which is nearly a fifth of what this costs - we’re paying 5x more to ensure veganism, and to ensure that it’s … ‘komplete’?

Not meaning to disparage; just wanting to drag this out there so we can examine more closely. My very first question, is how ‘komplete’ is this really in comparison to any of our formulas that hit 100% on all the categories (such as mine, and others)?

One thing for sure is that they have no clue what my gender is, my age, or my activity level. I’m sure it’s complete for a target demographic, incomplete for others, and overly-complete (if that’s a word) for others.

Seems pretty expensive to me as well. Ensure costs me around $8-$10 for six.

Yes, and that in itself is a pretty outrageous price for a product (in the case of Ensure Plus) that consists primarily of maltodextrin, sugar, milk, soy protein, canola and corn oils – el cheapo ingredients for the most part. It must be really profitable, and they advertise it like crazy – having visited their site and researched it, I now cannot get rid of their Google targeted ads, Ensure follows me to every website I visit!

Link (you have to click on the (+) tab to get the ingredients list).

Gentlemen my name is Richard Laver I am the founder of Kate farms and Komplete the ultimate meal replacement shake. We retail on our website for 4.29 per shake because we don’t want to be in direct competition with our retailers. We spent 3 years working on Komplete. Art Eggertsen the founder of the Pro bar one of the best selling bars in the world was the formulator. We took 21 superfoods in extracts and concentrates to create Komplete. We used brown rice proteins and rice protein instead of basic Whey. Whey is cheap and yes those other shakes costs nothing to make. My drink costs a fortune to build. My gamble was that America would pay for a premium shake. It retails between 3.49 to 3.99. Ensure sells for 2.50 a shake. My gamble was simple. Would consumers pay 1 dollar more per shake for a higher quality. The answer seems to be yes. I built this in a home blender and Komplete went live just 4 months ago. We are the fastest growing shelf stable meal replacement in history. We have gone from zero accounts 4 months ago to 2,000 accounts. I created this company because my daughter was so sick from the Ensure shakes of the world. She was in the hospital every week and after we took her off dairy and put her on these shakes she has never been back to the hospital. This company was not invented in a boardroom but rather to get the best drink i could. I later decided to try a business. We threw 70 batches because it’s one thing to make a great meal shake but none of the vegan shakes tasted great. I spentone year on flavor. I refused to use artificial falvors and used all natural. I hope this answers any questions. Please reach out to me for any additional informtion and I will gladly send all of you some samples. For new people that come on I cannot honor that offer, but for the rest on the string please write to me at this email address. Richard@katefarms.com… My very best to you all ! Richard Laver ( Kate’s dad and President of Kate farms.


Thanks for chiming in to lay out your product info and business plan. I hope you find success.


Thanks for the very interesting notes on your product – of particular interest since Rob’s “Soylent” product is currently undergoing its own growing pains of the developmental process needed to bring it to market readiness. I for one would be quite interested to experience what you folks have come up with and will therefore take you up on your kind offer. I’ll email you shortly. Good for you, Richard, for stepping up to the plate and taking a healthy swing at the ball! :smile:

Thank you gents I hope you get a chance to try Komplete I def did not cut corners and tried to step up up to the plate. The market usually tells a company how they achieved, so far things are very good for Komplete. Thanks again Richard

Eh, I guess if millions of people will pay $5-7 for a ‘premium’ cup of Starbucks coffee, then $4.29 for something that’s actually healthy is not completely ridiculous.


You know, based on the Nutrition Facts for these, it really only appears to be lacking mostly in the Maco-Ingredient section. Otherwise you really only need to drink 3 per day. So $12.87 per day.

Is there perhaps a cheap powder of other alternative that one could have alongside it to make it complete?

Mahalo nui Richard for bringing it home. I’ve recently found your product at one of stores here on the beautiful island of Molokai. We’re used to paying limbs for pretty much everything here. There’s a quick well known meal here called a musubi made with spam, rice, and nori. The meat is interchanged with other delectable’s to taste. The price has soared to about $5 and it is more of a culturally desired meal and far from a healthy choice. So when I made the purchase of the Komplete, Vanilla the price wasn’t what threw me, it was the taste and how it made me contently satisfied. I’ve recently ordered a case and will use it for those times I need to dash out super early or may miss a meal due to work or play. Again, thank you for this product.


My daughter has a disorder called EOE. She won’t drink the special formulas but will drink Kate Farms. We were getting formula covered by insurance and now we aren’t. I wish Kate Farms was more affordable. :frowning:

6 bottles/day @ 310 calories is 1860 total for a day. Each bottle contains 35% of daily vitamins. So 6 bottles a day will provide 210% of daily vitamins ?? Am I missing something ?

Didn’t realize this topic was so old…