Keep seeing Soylent ads all over the internet


Hey Soylent team,

Just FYI, I see your Google ads for Soylent pretty much all day, every day.
I’m talking at least 4 times a day, maybe sometimes up to 10.
I already drink Soylent for most of my nutrition, so I guarantee you I will not buy more on the basis of seeing this ad once, much less hundreds of times.

My point is, you might be able to improve your marketing by not wasting advertisement dollars on people who have no reason to buy more Soylent. I don’t know how you’d go about this, but it seems like low-hanging fruit to me.


Mind-reading cookies have not yet been developed, I think.

If you are actually bummed out by seeing the ads, I’m sure there are technical ways to stop them.


Hate to break it to you but Soylent has no control over what ads Google shows you. Google for whatever reason thinks Soylent is relevant to you and is showing you Soylent ads. Short of pulling their ad campaign there is nothing they can do for you. I would suggest adding an ad blocker on your browser.


Yeah, I don’t remember when exactly it started, but nearly every Google ad I see is for Soylent. I find it oddly comforting.


The only Soylent ads I’ve seen are the ones on Instagram, so I guess the rest of them get filtered out by my ad blocker. If the ads annoy you, if suggest installing an ad blocker. They’re free, so why not?

This is a problem with “smart” ads; they can’t tell whether you have the product yet or not. They know you’re interested in it, but don’t know that you already have a subscription. The repetition is meant to influence those people who have seen the product but are unsure about making a purchase. Essentially the ads are saying “Did you forget about this? I’m pretty sure you wanted it. Look how great it is! It would be so easy to just click here and buy it right now!”

I find the Amazon ones aren’t as bad because they show you related items instead of just the exact same item. But then of course problems arise when you get something on Amazon for someone else…I bought a Sailor Moon figure for a friend for Christmas, and now Amazon thinks I need to buy every Sailor Moon related item in existence. No thanks.


As a former digital advertising PM, it’s not Soylent. It’s whoever is trafficking the ads and targeted advertising technology. Clear your cookies, install adblock, and just ignore them if it really bothers you that much.


Definitely install adblocker. I rarely ever see ads anymore.
The ads are often based on keywords so if you do a lot of searching on health,diet,lifestyle… or you visit sites that center around those topics or subjects like new technology, innovation… you might be served those type of ads.