Keeping Soylent 2.0 cold in bottle?

Hi all,

I’ve read through the previous threads on keeping Soylent cold [1][2], but it didn’t quite address my particular scenario. I’m trying to figure out how to keep Soylent 2.0 cold in the bottle itself without moving it to another medium.

One of the reasons why I chose the liquid 2.0 version over the powder versions was that it was much less prep and I could throw it in my backpack if I needed a meal on the go, yet I don’t have to consume it that day. The problem I have however is that as it sit in my backpack, it becomes warm before I consume it. I’d throw it in the fridge at work, but unfortunately it is usually fully so there’s no guarantee that I’ll get space to put in there. So far I’ve thought about two potential solutions to this problem.

  1. Beer Cozies
  2. Freezer lunch pack

I was wondering if anybody else had had this problem and have used a similar solution, or have thought of a better solution.

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Have you tried drinking it while warm? Soylent 2.0 only needs to be refrigerated once it’s been opened.

I’ve frozen a bottle solid before, but it takes too long (for me) to thaw out.


The freezer lunch pack is the option I use for keeping a blender bottle of 1.5 cold at work. I use a blue ice pack and leave it in the car while I’m working and it’s still cold when I go out for lunch (even in the summer time).

I’ve tried drinking it warm, I wasn’t too much of a fan. Thus this question. :slight_smile:

Have you considered a bottle cooler? I had one for my baby because he liked his bottled cold. It’s just like a little 4 pack that holds 4 bottles with a ice pack. It was small enough to hit in my backpack.

Something like…


I’d be curious to hear more solutions as well… I agree freezing takes too long to thaw out and I also much prefer 2.0 cold.

I’ve been using a micro cooler that holds two bottles with some ice and water to keep it cool… But a more compact single bottle solution that doesn’t involve melted ice would be nice (perhaps I just need to invest in some cold packs)

I keep my 2.0 in a mini-fridge at work, but even still I find that I drink it slow enough that it actually gets somewhat warm by the time I get halfway through it, so in those cases I usually just grab an ice cube or two from the work freezer and toss it in.

Thank you for the suggestions all. I am opting for a freezer lunch bag and see how that will work out. Something like this.

I just ordered one of these…Ice Can Cooler off

I’m wondering the same thing.
I have a coffiest for breakfast every day, but the fridge at my work is down two flights of stairs and I’m just too lazy to put my lunch drink in there. That means I’ll drink a warm coffiest or 2.0 for lunch, but since I don’t like the taste as much when warm, I’ll often go out for lunch instead. I think keeping it cold would be helpful to sticking with Soylent more often.

I’m definitely looking for a cooler option that my bottle can pop right into (rather than pour into) for easy cleanup. Even better if I don’t need a giant lunchbag with ice packs or anything like that.

What do people think of can coolers? Would the 16 oz taller one work with Soylent? Not sure how the fit would match up though.

or similar but 12 oz:

or is it better to just go neoprene (not sure if this fits the 2.0 bottles)

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I got this at Walmart for $7. It’s called a “6-Can Cooler,” and it fits four bottles of 2.0 perfectly with a reusable ice block on each side. The top zippered compartment expands and keeps other items separate from the main compartment. You can fit quite a bit in the top section, like a few sandwiches or Tupperware containers of food or snacks if you’re into the old fashioned kind of thing.

I bring this thing with me to work every day. It keeps my Soylent cold for an 11-hour shift.


^ The best option is a cooler with reusable ice packs.

I drink Soylent 1.8, which means I lug a glass, half gallon, pitcher of soylent to work everyday in a cooler with ice packs.
I also use my cooler to cool down bottles of water throughout the day at my desk.

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I use something very much like one of these that I’ve had for many many many years:

I just keep it in the freezer and when I want a cod Soylent bottle to stay cold, I pull it out of the freezer and pop the Soylent in and presto. Stays nice & chilled for a fair while, easily an hour or two. In fact I always finish the bottle long before it’s really gotten anywhere even close to room temp.


Get one of the newer insulated bottles, like a swell or zojirushi. Pour in your refrigerated bottle of soylent. Add a couple ice cubes. Voila. It should stay pretty cold for hours.

The zojirushi mug is mentioned in today’s NY Times,

5 Cheap(ish) Things That Could Disproportionately Improve Your Life

The writer barely mentions its cold-keeping properties, but it sounds like it would be great for that, as you suggest.

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I’ve recently started using Soylent 2.0 Original. I find that as it gets warmer, it’s harder to drink. I’ve tried protein shakes before in the past so getting accustomed to Soylent has been slightly better but as it gets warmer, to me it gets “thicker” (may be just in my head) and tastes more “vitamin-y” if that makes sense.

I’m on day 2 of getting into it. I’m hoping/have plans to move to a 90%-100% diet soon.

I was wondering the same thing on how to keep it cold. The first day I tried to drink it, it took me over an hour to drink 3/4 of the bottle and by that time I was “forcing” myself to try and finish it while warm. Today, I stuck a bottle in the freezer for a little bit until it had a Wendy’s Frosty like texture and was able to drink a full bottle in roughly 30 minutes.

I would think that the freezable can koozie things would work pretty good at keeping it cold, but when the koozies get warm you’d have to replace it with something else.

I’ll also look into the options that others posted above. :slight_smile:

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