Keeping unrefrigerated Soylent cold?


I’m trying to figure out a good way to take my soylent to work and keep it cold, without having to keep it in the fridge. I’d also like a way to bring ~2 meals worth at once.

My initial idea was a big thermos. I have this fellow:

Some suck about it: you can’t mix a whole pouch of soylent, you can’t drink directly out of it (it’s made to be used with a cup), and it’s so well insulated that if you mix in it… there’s no way to effectively make it chilled.

I could do takeya overnight to this… which should solve some of the issues. The thermos is still a bit awkward to use, but hopefully using the takeya would allow it to chill down before the transfer. It also would suck to use two pitchers instead of just one.

Another option would be smaller, made-to-drink containers like

But if my math is close to right, each of those won’t hold even ~1 meal worth of soylent (a day is 64 oz so each meal is ~21 oz, if I’m not mistaken?) Even if I purchased 22 ounce or thereabouts, I’d need to lug two with me to work.

There are other options like blender bottles, but since I want to keep my soylent chilled throughout the day (~8 hours) it seems like those would not be good options.

Any thoughts? Anyone in similar situations, what do you do?

Anyone else doing this for convenience rather than health?
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A thermos is the way to go in this case. Cant you just throw ice in there? It would keep it ice cold for a whole day most likely.


We’re quite happy with our Contigo insulated bottles. At 20oz they won’t hold a full day’s worth, though you could get more than one if you really wanted to.

Hope it helps!


I have the 40oz Thermos you linked as well as this one:

I actually carried both to work full, which was the entire days batch. I would then refill the smaller one throughout the day. You don’t need ice or anything to keep it cool. Chill and soak the Soylent over night, and keep the Thermos uncapped in the fridge as well. Fill them in the morning and they will stay cold all day.

I also thought about this one and simply keeping some stainless steel cups (they clean more easily) at work to drink from:


We really liked this bottle:

It keeps liquid cool for a while and you can fit about 2/3 of a day of Soylent in it.


I use 3 of these gotten locally for a better price. Add a few ice cubes before filling each one. I rinse them out at work as I finish them. Works out to 2 meals spread out over the course of morning through afternoon. They have keep schmoylent cold for more than 4 hours while on a hiking trip in 90F+ heat.


I was wondering if you guys are experimenting with spoiling factors?

Like how long Soylent will stay good at different conditions?

Such as temperatures, water purity (pre boiled, non boiled, warm, cold, freezing) and perhaps airtight container vs non airtight

Would be cool to know if it lasts much longer under sterile conditions


What we know is that oxygen is the greatest enemy to Soylent. The Omega-3, any polyunsaturated fat really, will oxidize fairly quickly. Some of the vitamins and minerals are prone to oxidation as well. The last factor is microbial activity that is accelerated once Soylent is mixed up in water.

We are running tests on the basic use cases (people open a bag and bottle, mix with water). So far, we have found 2-3 days is really the maximum time mixed Soylent can be refrigerated and can be consumed safely. There is a direct correlation between temperature and the amount of time Soylent remains safe to consume (lower temperate slows chemical processes, higher temperature accelerates).

As for other tests, we plan to run those on future versions of the product.

Transferring Schmoylent/Soylent to another container?

The main problem is not the thermos losing its cool, but that it’s difficult to cool the liquid in the first place if I mix in the thermos. Last night I mixed some soylent up and by the morning it was still not fully cooled because the bottle is so well insulated. Today I’m trying mixing it up, adding 6 ice cubes as part of the water allocation, and leaving it uncapped in the fridge. Hopefully by tomorrow it has cooled down to fridge temperature.

Also mixing <1 bag at a time is of minor irritation – measuring out the powder, water, oil.

My Takyea pitcher comes from Amazon tomorrow – I’m going to see how doing a whole bag at once, then dishing out a portion into the thermos works out.


That’s really the best way and what I do with my DIY. I have a 44oz thermos and a 22oz thermos. Between the two I can take 1,2,or 3 meals with me on the go. Usually, I just drink my breakfast before I leave in the morning and then take the 22 for lunch.


I use these:

One for lunch, or I take two for a long day. They’ll keep it cold for longer than I’ve ever left them. They’re 20oz.

I haven’t tried these yet, but I will soon for outings I need a whole day for:


Yeah cool it in pitcher over night, then put in termos before leaving for work with ice.cubes


I’m out of the house more than I’m in it which is why I’m loving soylent.
I had this same conundrum myself on how to keep it cold.
I use two hyrdo flask 32 ouncers. I’ve owned all types of themos and things of the like but nothing and I mean nothing keeps things cold like a hydro flask for me. It kept ice solid for 30 hours.

I typically mix my soylent (schmoylent in this case) the night before, put it in the fridge, throw the two hydroflasks in the freezer to pre chill them (important for maximum cool factor), then in the morning fill up and be on my way.


Hydro Flask also sells a 64oz container intended to be used as a beer growler. That should hold an entire day’s worth of Soylent!


Yeah, saw this on Amazon… it’s tempting! Seems like it’ll keep a whole day good to go, plus it looks like you can drink from it unlike the large thermos I have.

(Amazon link for growler: )



That looks like a fairly small opening at the head for cleaning. Do you guys have any tricks to clean bottles with these small necks thoroughly? I just bought:

And the opening at the top is maybe ~2 inches in diameter…


I have the same thermos and can generally get it clean with a good rinse (put in some water & a dash of soap, close, shake vigorously) and a bit of scrubbing near the top with a kitchen sponge.

There is also this, which could help you scrub further down:


Ah, didn’t think to give it a good shakedown. I’ll look into getting one of those brushes too from Target or something… thanks.


Isosteel also does double-wall vacuum insulated steel bottles, and goes up to 51 ounce:


If you have a large steel serving spoon, you can try mixing the soylent in the thermos, leaving it open, and putting the spoon handle inside with the head sticking out. Should act as a radiator.

However, you’re better off with the Takyea, because you can top it off and seal the top, keeping air out while it chills. Ideally, you don’t want it exposed to air.

Chef’s trick for cooling something that shouldn’t be exposed to air: put it in the fridge or freezer, but cover the top of it with cling wrap placed right on the product (not covering the mouth of the container, but on the actual surface of the soylent.)

Also works on Greek yogurt, to keep the liquid from being drawn to the air surface.