Keeping unrefrigerated Soylent cold?


Today I was eating some soylent (Schmoylent, actually) that I mixed in Takyea and left in there over night, then transferred to my thermos.

I think I’ve decided I quite dislike the thermos in general, but the approach was viable. It started cold and stayed cold. The mixing and storage in the takeya is quite good – the air-tight seal is nice and means you can even store it on its side.

The Schmoylent was very thick compared to Soylent. Not sure if I used different ratios or something (didn’t use the Takeya for my Soylent as I didn’t have it yet). I have one last bag of Soylent proper that I’ll mix Takeya-style so I get a proper comparison.


Search for bottle cleaners on amazon. I bought one of the OXO brushes. The great thing about stainless steel is, very little sticks to it, even if it dries. A bit if warm water and the brush takes it all off. I run it through the dishwasher every other day just to get the heat to kill anything else.


That… actually looks like a really good value – $8 for a pretty decent size, and taking your word on performance. And as far as I can tell, it doesn’t really look much more bulky than a regular water bottle. I think I may need to take a trip to IKEA :smiley:


I have one of these and also their larger thermos. They both work very very well.


I wish you had posted this earlier in the week. I just bought a contigos (technically an AVEX, but they’re the same products under two different brand names), but am probably going to stick with my Nalgene OTG for drinking out of, but getting a bottle sleeve to insulate it a bit, and then my Hydro Flask to keep the rest of the day’s soylent properly chilled.


Interestingly, one of our Contigo bottles had an issue with the lid dripping ever so slightly, so they sent me a replacement lid. The new replacement lid is a VERY different design than the original it came with, and is WAY WAY improved. It has this super slick extra spring-loaded mechanism so that basically the entire mechanical portion pops up and out so you can very easily clean it with most any standard dish brush, as well as run water through every crevice. I plan to ask Contigo if we can outright purchase another of these lids for the second bottle, they’re that much better.


Yup they recently redesigned it after so many complaints of the lid being hard to clean. Both of mine have the new lid.


Has anyone tried the Under Armour 64-oz Insulated Water Bottle?

Looks like an interesting option to store an entire day’s worth of Soylent. Keeps liquid cold for 10-12hrs. It also appears to have a straw making it slightly more convenient than Thermos-style unscrewing lids.

See also

EDIT: added manufacturer’s official page


I wanted to mention that my personal experience with the Thermos brand Stainless Steel Hydration bottles has been rather unpleasant. I ordered, and have been using the 24oz model for Soylent only. The rubber gasket inside is quickly rotting away, leaving a pitted surface that Soylent QUICKLY forms mold into. I remove the gasket and wash with hot water and a soft brush but it gets worse every day and now I simply will not use it. Thermos will not replace the gasket, even when I offered to buy a replacement. I would have to re-purchase the entire bottle. Reading Amazon reviews, this is apparently an issue for the entire line.

Caveat Emptor


I have the 64oz Hydroflask Growler linked above, and it’s been working very well for me. It seals very tightly and insulates very well, but that also means that the temperature of the liquid going in stays that way for a good while; I’ve found no good way to cool it externally to any real effect.

In order to start with ice-cold Soylent and have the growler keep it that way, I begin the prep the night before I intend to consume it, and prepare my Soylent the following way:

I add approx. 1250mL of cold water to my blender, and add in a few handfuls of ice, then blend on high speed.
Once I have a nice slush (too much ice and the next step becomes difficult), I switch to the lowest speed setting and add Soylent powder slowly, allowing time for it to incorporate the powder before adding more.

Once I have all of the Soylent powder incorporated, I pour the mixture into my growler, and then rinse the inner walls of the blender vessel with a small amount cold water to remove the residue, and add that to the growler as well.

Ideally I’ll have left enough room to add another handful or two of ice, with sufficient space remaining for the addition of the oil the following morning, plus a small volume of air to help with shaking to allow for enough mixing.

I then place both the growler and the oil bottle in the fridge overnight to keep everything as cool as possible until I begin to use it.

The only issue I’ve had with the growler so far is that I tend to get a bit of Soylent left on the lip and threads when I pour the first few times due to it being so full. I typically just wipe it up with a napkin or paper towel, but it can be a little messy at times.

Hope that this helps!


Are you drinking directly from the growler, or are you decanting it into some other cup? I’m curious if the growler itself is something you can drink out of, or if it’s like the thermos I have where you really need to pour it out to drink.


While one could drink directly from the flask if one really wanted to do so, I don’t. I decant into another cup, and drink from there.

Part of this is because I prefer my Soylent less thick than what it is when it’s stored in the growler, and I add water to it.

It’s a bit heavy when full, but it’d be doable if you were opposed to using a cup.

Hydroflask does sell a replacement flip lids and straw tops which would make drinking from the bottle itself much easier, but I haven’t tried them.


That’s why I use two 32oz hydro flasks. I found the 64 oz to be a bit unwieldy for casual drinking without another cup to pour from the growler into then drink from.


Yeah, I figured it’d be bulky. I only really need to bring 1.5-2 meals with me, too, so I don’t need one big enough for a whole day’s Soylent.

I picked up a 40 oz hydro flask (which was for some reason cheaper than the 32 oz – it was only $25), going to give that a try.


I use this one, it’s not quite half a day of Soylent, but I drink about half my breakfast before I go to work at 5:30, and when I get home it’s still cold at 3:30.

Actually the other day I ate lunch at the office and forgot that I still had Soylent in my bag, when I went to get my Soylent for dinner I remembered around 7:00pm and it was still above room temperature.

The major downside is you can’t fit your hand in it to clean it, but something like this and I haven’t had any issues


That Stanley is a really nice-looking retro type vacuum bottle. It reminds me of the ones we had when I was a kid. My mother put juice for my school lunches in an actual old vacuum Thermos with a glass liner (it was already vintage even back then). One day the liner broke and I didn’t know it had happened, or even realize how the thing was constructed. I opened my Thermos at lunchtime and there was a pile of broken glass in my apple juice. I thought my mom was trying to kill me or something. Technology sure has come a long way (along with consumer protection guidelines - I try to remember to mentally thank Ralph Nader every day).


+1 for hydro flasks. I don’t have my Soylent yet (just got shipping notification for my starter kit today!) but I use it to take other chilled liquids to work (mostly smoothies). Works like a champ. The other nice thing about it is you can buy different caps for it. I got one each of these:

Been using the flip straw the most.

I have the 40 oz version so my plan is to mix in the Takeya and store in the fridge at night and pour out the 40 oz in the morning for the work day. That should tide me over until I get back to finish the rest for dinner.


Just as an update on the IKEA flask, I did in fact pick up KULLAR (as suggested by @Trent) and VOLYM (as a high-capacity option). They’ve been working great, seem sturdy… overall great option for the price.

Vessels for soylent. beyond the shaker bottle

So, I have been using a HydroFlask since they had great reviews. I picked up the flip lid (much better, at least for how I want to use it) and a 3rd-party carrying handle :smile:

However, I was pretty underwhelmed with the performance. Soylent seemed to stay cold only a couple hours, then it was tepid for a few more, then room temperature. Certainly not what most people suggested the performance would be. Even w/ a couple ice cubes, the cubes would melt in <1 hr.

Based off their site, it seems like the vacuum was defective on my bottle which leads to sub-standard insulation. They have a ‘test’ you can do: pour boiling water in, wait 5 minutes, if the exterior is warm something is wrong. My exterior was quite warm.

Hopefully the warranty process will go smoothly and I’ll get a bottle that works!


I have one of these:

It is absolutely perfect, and has replaced my Soylent pitcher. Because I make mine with cold brew coffee or cold water, it is already cold when I mix it up so I just put it in the thermos and don’t even bother putting it in the cooler. In the morning I add the oil and some ice, then I’m all set for the day.