Keto or Low Carb diets & Soylent?


I’ve been eating keto-style (low carb, 20-30 net carbs a day) for about a week or two for weight loss and I’ve been VERY VERY happy with the results - a quick drop off of water weight due to loss of glycogen stores.

I just got my Soylent in the mail and I would like to start doing 50-50 soylent and real food. Would eating low carb for my real meals be stupid, since a low carb diet is high in fat whereas soylent is high in carbohydrates (thus creating the horrible high fat high carb combo that results in weight gain)? OR will I be fine as long as I am eating under 1300 calories?


From the perspective of someone who is probably on an accidentally keto diet, if you keto-ifiy the rest of your meals, I think it should still work. But I don’t know, for sure.

I do 100% Soylent + additional oils, and am experiencing the same thing as I see described by people on a ketogenic diet. I might be a special case though.


You’d be fine, you’d be changing from <10% carbs to ~25-30%. That’s still a low carb diet (not high carb & high fat), but you’ll lose the advantage of being keto. I am of a mindset that lowering carbs is advantageous for most people, even if not going keto, but keto does give additional advantages for many.

I’ve tried it briefly and was really happy with the results and the way I felt while doing keto. I spent a couple weeks last month playing with some of my soylent recipes to get a keto version that I liked, flavor is usually tough with the keto recipes, but I’m really close to having it right where I want it. Lately I’ve been eating a modified version of factory Soylent to get carbs down to 35-40%.


How have you been modifying your factory soylent? I’d like to do that if possible. I don’t want to start drinking soylent regularly if it’s going to automatically kick me out of keto every day and restore the glycogen stores that I’ve already depleted so that I have to start all over again.


Like this, or this, or even more simply than these you could just add protein and fat to reach your desired macro ratios, then reduce the volume of the mix to reach your desired caloric level. After my additions I make 10 days worth out of 5-6 packages of Soylent (depending on the ratio I’m aiming for), doing it this way turns it back into a DIY soylent, but the primary ingredient of which is Soylent. It’s a bit cheaper per day this way too.

I personally am at ~1600kcal/day using Soylent powder/oil, added fat and protein. All of the remaining ingredients in the above links are there to fortify the mix to >100% of the micros, which more recent info has suggested may not be necessary. @MattCauble recently mentioned Soylent may be at 1.5-2x the RDA for the micros, not strictly 100% as the label suggests. Hopefully Rosa Labs will be able to officially acknowledge how much breathing room we may have on the RDA…nudge, nudge. :wink:

This may not work for you if you are wanting to stay in keto though. I would expect even the 35/30/35 recipe I linked would kick you out, at least temporarily, but would probably be a bit better than 50% plus carbs from straight Soylent. I have been toying with keto recipes from time to time and was pretty happy with my most recent recipe, it’s not perfect yet though and I’m going to work on it a bit more. I’ve also been happy with just reducing the carbs as above.