Keto soylent, eating sugar to avoid keto flu


If you eat like a chocolate bar the first day, then 3/4 a chocolate the second day, etc. etc. can you avoid the keto flu? Basically gradually move off carbs instead of quitting cold turkey.


I have tried that when low carbing with “real” food and it does not work. At some point you hit the magic number of carbs to trigger keto, and your body reacts. I get headaches that refuse to go away for a day or two then I am fine.

Personally, I would go cold turkey and plow through it.


Except going cold turkey can be crippling. Head over to /r/keto and take a look at their wiki on how to deal with the keto flu.


Sodium i hear helps. I never experienced it. Good Luck


Just go cold turkey. In fact, try water fasting for two days prior.

The keto flu maybe can be avoided by supplementing electrolytes. I would take equal parts sodium/potassium with magnesium and calcium as well, ideally blended into food or chicken stock. Make sure your potassium isn’t in pill form – you’ll have to take several pills, and their concentrated form will mess up your stomach linings. Also be careful with potassium, too much can kill you.

That said, I tried supplementing electrolytes but I got tension headaches anyways. I believe I didn’t take enough sodium, which results in your body not being able to retain the right amount of potassium. I quit & pigged out on a hotdog/fries/beer, and the headache was gone by the next day. Relieved, I went back into low-carb & it hasn’t happened since.