Keto /Soylent for Bigger Guys


I’ve started gathering ingredients to give the whole Soylent stuff a shot but most of the recipes are catered to the average size person/people trying to lose weight. At 6’4 my nutritional needs are quite a bit higher. I like the look of QuidNYCs Hot Java mix - however I need nearly 1k more calories 30g of protein and 100g of fat. Any suggestions for bumping things up a bit? Extra ingredients and such. Fairly active and I don’t want to reduce calories too much.




More calories? That’s easy. Just add more oil or (even better) more cream. You also might want to check out kennufs keto recipe or my keto chow recipe that I based off his.


As I just noted in another thread (sorry for the re-post) I’ve just started experimenting with adding 500kcal canola and 100kcal unflavored whey to the standard 1.4 netting 2600kcal/day. I doubt I’ll reach ketosis with the 200g of carbs in the 1.4, but moving towards a higher fat diet has netted big advantages for me over the last 6 months (at 40% fat). We’ll see what 55% does over the next 6 weeks…
Edit: oops… I guess that’s more like 52% fat with 16% protein (102g) and the original (204g) carbs 32%


I’ll second both of Chris’ suggestions. The HWC (heavy whipping cream) is a tasty option, a single cup gets you a little over 800 calories and it really helps out the flavor of the recipe while adding a nice creaminess (who’d of guessed, right?). While Quid’s recipe may work out well for you, it may not be as palatable as you’d hope, both Chris’ recipe and my own Keto v9.3 recipe should be much more palatable, you’d just need to up the calories for either in the same way.


Just curious… what is the advantage of the HWC? Seems the jury is still out on the cholesterol and saturated fat, was it a goal to increase these? By my calculation the 1.4+whey+canola has 20mg cholesterol (from whey) vs nearly 200mg from the HWC? And by my count the saturated fat is 12g from the 1.4 and 4g from the added canola… I can see how it would help the taste I guess… @kennufs, how long have you been on your Keto DIY? Have you lost weight? Has it improved your lipids? I’m still a noob on this keto stuff, but find it fascinating.


The HWC was mainly to aid the flavor. When I set out to try keto the then current recipes were notoriously bad, definitely not something I’d want to try and eat indefinitely, although I may have grown used to it eventually. It took me months and many recipe variations to get something I was happy with, hence the high version number. I did try and go keto a couple of times along the way, but couldn’t stick with it past the two week mark, they just weren’t sustainable.

I’m not concerned with the level of either the cholesterol or saturated fat from the cream. Cholesterol is a very good thing, and necessary for us to go on living a healthy life, that said diatary cholesterol actually has very little to do with the stuff flowing through our veins. Saturated fats have been vilified for the past forty years, but deeper research is coming to find that it is not the devil once thought. While it may raise blood cholesterol, it raises the good stuff, HDL, and increases the particle size of the LDL, also a good thing.

I’ve never had a full cholesterol check until recently, I’m still waiting on the results of some blood tests from a recent doctors visit, but have given blood occasionally. When you donate they send you a short health screening that shows total cholesterol, but doesn’t break it down. My total cholesterol since I started soylent has gone down, though I’m not certain I’ve donated since I went keto, I seem to recall that I have and that my cholesterol was still lower than pre-soylent.

I’ve been on my keto recipe for six or seven months now, I love it and I feel great. I’ve lost about 120 pounds since starting soylent almost a year and a half ago, and have continued to lose on my keto recipe. I started going to the gym about 2 months ago which has stalled my weight loss, I’d also upped my calories some when I started working out, but have now decided to cut back again to get the weight down further, I’d like to lose about another 50 pounds.


I appreciate the feedback guys. Since this is my first foray into all this my expectations towards taste aren’t too high. My work schedule is kinda crazy so food prep takes up a lot of time. Since my shifts are overnight most of my meals are taken alone anyhow. Coupled with cycling to work half the time - a bottle I’m already carrying instead of food sounds great.


I use the p2b powdered peanut butter for my daily soylent, adds in about 200 calories.


120lb! Wow, impressive. I might have to try the HWC… I’m cutting my +500kcal canola experiment short after the first week… I don’t taste the extra oil when I consume the Soylent but am left with the odd dry mouth feeling which I find rather annoying. I thought that only happened in ketosis? I can’t imagine the 200g of carbs in one day of Soylent would get me there, even with the extra fat… Doen’t you need to be under 50g carbs/day? Even with just half that (250kcal) I still get a little of the dry mouth. I don’t recall this on similar amounts of oil in Schmoylent. Maybe it’s the combo of the 1.4 fat and the extra canola? I’ll keep tweaking it… But so far plain old 1.4 seems to be most satisfying.


You might want to give KetoMilk a try, it isn’t a complete soylent in that you can totally replace food with it, but it is completely delicious. The drink is essentially just a whey isolate shake with a lot of heavy whipping cream for fat. Drink for one meal a day along with a stack of vitamins to supplement a regular ketogenic diet.

It has actually been a while since I’ve done it myself, but when I first made the recipe I had an 8 week trial run and it worked great, I felt great. I was consuming 800 kcal daily for an awesome breakfast and I just snacked on meats, veggies and cheeses for most of the day usually, seldom craving a big meal.