Ketogenic - Monunsaturated fats vs Saturated Fats


Has anybody tried a ketogenic diet with monounsaturated fat? Or is it usually only done with saturated fat?

I’ve experienced unsustainable problems with an increased monounsaturated fat content in my Soylent diet (a la extra Soylent oil), which is far from a ketogenic diet, yet however the fat processed in my body dehydrated me through frequent urination. I’m presuming the Ketogenic diet doesn’t do that, or nobody would be doing it… I’m wondering if its a difference between monounsaturated and saturated fat makes the difference as I’d really like to increase my fat again (because I felt awesome apart from the dehydration and its effects).


I’m not on keto, but my girlfriend is, but not a soylent diet, official or DIY.

The way I understand it is that she is ALWAYS thirsty due to ketosis. And she drinks electrolyte enhanced water (not gatorade) to replenish salts.

As for the fats… well, she just eats fatty stuff, cuts back on carbs and protein. Not sure what type. I know MCT is supposed to be good for some reason or another.


Why does she cut back on protein? o_O I thought it was only the carbs that were the issue.

But I see I’m not the only one who has the thirst issue. I had to nearly double the salt in my Soylent to compensate. :confused:


My understanding is that when you cut back on carbs and then if you ingest too much protein (beyond some threshold), that protein is converted into insulin like it was a carb. Or something like that.

I’m not a doctor…


Protein is the last source of energy the body turns to. fat is used first. excess protein puts load on the kidneys (frothy urine). You need protein to rebuild cells, but beyond that you don’t necessarily need much of it for energy. MCT seems ok, breaks down to lactic acid and acetone. bulletproof executive sells bottles of high purity (self reported, i didn’t verify, though I’ve bought before) one needs to be careful of the ratio of omega 6-3 being consumed, as I’m sure you know, but industrial farming techniques produce excess omega 6 in animal meat. At least so I am told by me paleo zealot co-worker and various other paleo sources.

Full disclosure, I’m against paleo diet but i think some of the science behind it has merit


I’m on a keto DIY (for nearly a week now). I’ve been using 160 mL of grapeseed oil w/o issue. Today I’ve switched to canola due to price. It may be too early to say I’m problem-free, but so far I feel fine. I don’t know how much of the oils are saturated fats, but it must not be much since they’re liquid at room temp.

This recipe:


Let me know how you feel on the canola oil, as that’s the primary component of the oil I’m using.

Also, now that you bring up grapeseed oil, I didn’t experience as many issues when I was using grapeseed oil (though I also wasn’t getting the benefits that I’m striving for). I wonder if there’s something specific to the canola oil that causes issues in large amounts…


I add flaxseed oil, two tablespoons to the regular soylent mix. And 50g of protien (which has 3 grams of carb/fiber owing to chocolate flavoring, no sugar. May have a little bit of fat) I found that to be much more satisfying with a highly active lifestyle


I’m not doing keto but I am using a 33/34/33 carb/protein/fat mix which makes it effectively low carb but keeps the fat in the right range. I’m using this profile:

U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories (fixed fiber, potassium, and ω-6 & ω-3 PUFA requirements)

120 ml dairy cream, 30 ml canola oil gives me my day’s worth of fats, and I’m feeling pretty good after 2 days.


How much omega-3 does the two tablespoons of flaxseed give you? Much more than 5g a day can be potentially dangerous.


The bottle says 9 grams of omega 3s per 14g serving, with which I also took omega 3 supplement after completing bike rides. I’m curious why you mention this is dangerous.

I must highlight I’m pretty dumb and as a rule of thumb don’t do what I do unless someone else reviews it.


Oh wow. So your getting 18g of omega 3 plus whatever is in the supplement you take. Omega 3 lowers the viscosity of your blood and in large doses can lead to increased bleeding risk. @MentalNomad can tell you better than I can.

At one point I was talking 11g of omega 3 a day. I decided to donate blood and filled the bag in 3.5 minutes. The average time is around 10 minutes. I have since lowered my intake to 2.5g and plan to donate again and see how the times differ.


I figured thats what you mean. best I can say is NO! but really, only problem i had was one puncture on my finger for glucose readings. otherwise nothing took longer to heal (including 15 minute glucose readings. i thought i was weird, to be honest


There are two concerns with excess omega-3 intakes:

  1. They can lead to thinner blood and/or excess bleeding. This is a greatest concern with EPA and DHA specifically; flax oil contains only ALA, which your body converts to small amounts of EPA and DHA. If you were consuming that amount of EPA and DHA, you’d have increased risk of bleeding-related problems such as hemorrhagic stroke. The excess bleeding is less of a risk if you’re consume ALA, but it all depends on how much you’re consuming.

  2. They can also be immnosuppressive when taking in quantity. If you already have a weakened immune system, suppressing it further with omega-3’s can lead you to get sick more often, and have a harder time recovering.

Note that these same two effects are probably also responsible for benefits of adding omega-3’s, especially EPA and DHA, to most people’s diets: a conventional heart attack or stroke is caused by a blood clot, so a blood-thinning effect reduces the odds of that. Additionally, few of us have compromised immune systems; on the contrary, most of us suffer frequent minor inflammation from immune overresponse, and a slight suppression of an overactive immune system reduces that inflammation.

It’s a classic case of, “too much of good thing…”


He only asked you because he wanted to know more about what you brought up.


Thanks for the info MentalNomad, and sorry for the obnoxious comment Horsfield, I may have too much hops in my diet at time of posting.

I’ve also only consumed that when running a 1000 kcal or more deficit from cycling.


Mmmmm hops. I kinda thought something was up with your last post. :smile:


$45.95 for 32 ounces vs $43.90 for 64 ounces (2x32oz) I’ll buy the NOW instead =)


Oh, wow. Thanks for the link. I also like that bullet proof has only 8link chains in the oil, not a mix of 8 and 10. So if you have a preference