Ketogenic Soylent Recipe Review Request


I’m looking for reviews of my recipe. From flavor to nutrition suggestions let me know what you think. Thanks!


It’s very close, but I am not convinced this is a fully ketogenic recipe.

First, though it is true that people can do keto on up to 50 gram of carbs a day, these people have a higher total intake of energy. In other words, you are eating too many carbs.

Second, use this calculator to get your macros other right for keto. It seems to me you are consuming too much protein. Keto is a low carb, high fat, medium protein diet and the general opinion seems to be that one should consume more fat than protein.

Third, says your magnesium is too high.

This recipe is almost there (and at least as good as my tries at keto soylent). I would lower the protein powder and the ‘Organic Valley Half and Half’ (I do not really know what this is, we do not have this where I live, but I guess it is some sort of milk with whipping cream), to lower your carbs. To compensate for the calories, I would add in some extra fat. Preferably a different kind of fat, since variety in fats is probably better. Coconut oil has my personal preference, but anything will do, really.

Have you tried making this recipe? Can you get in ketosis on this?


@Rick, thank you for your feedback!

I tried a different version of this with a lot of olive oil and using pea protein. The more I drank the less I wanted to ever drink again. So I thought I’d try half and half (a mixture of cream and milk). Today was my day to try it for the first time. I modified it as you suggested and had it this morning with coconut oil and flaxseed oil and it was quite tasty. I made a couple minor modifications for tomorrow.

I’ve been in ketosis for a year and a half now. I maintenance on 30-35g of carbs a day and was concerned that the half and half would kick me out. (I started at 15-20g per day for several months.)

Thank you again for taking the time to review my recipe! I love the coconut oil!


I’m very interested in keto formulations. I lost 100 pounds on 30 gm maintenance, then developed gout and put it back on…


Hi @victormlyon, I’m new to Soylent, but have been delighted with the supportive community and tools here. There are several completed keto recipes, most of which target men that may be helpful. Best of luck to you in this.