Ketogenic Soylent?


I was wondering if there were any plans for different dietary versions of soylent. Lets say a ketogenic soylent? Or if anyone has had any experience creating a DIY soylent thatwas ketogenic friendly?

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Yep, mine is mostly (or close to keto). It is actually easier than making a normal, as it is easy to get around the carb gi problems. I use palatinose (15g ish) as the carb source in each, then just use more fat for more calories, the rest is the same. You will probably need to use a sweetener though (I use stevia) to make it more palatable (I assume this shouldn’t affect ketosis).

I am not going for keto, its just how mine ended up (I eat other foods as well so won’t be in keto much).

Making your own is pretty much a case of copying a recipe, dropping the carbs, raising the fat :slight_smile: there are no negative taste side effects of raising the fat imo, just whether you need it sweetened.


What would be the best way of raising the fat content? I feel that using an oil may make it well too oily.
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Soy lecithin, nut flours, coconut flour, etc. Some might recommend flax seed, but flax seed provides almost exclusively ALA, which is not the type of omega 3 our bodies need. Also powdered fats like MCT, while expensive, can raise fat content without negatively affecting texture.


Personally, I would go with the majority olive oil. I was concerned about the taste (as I actually despise olive oil lol) but using light olive oil and 40-50ml I don’t taste olive oil (strangely the drink is a better consistency somehow the more oil I add). Maybe I am just odd like this though :wink:

Obviously you might want to balance out your fats as rkirkman suggests (perhaps add to the olive to make a better 06/03 ratio as olive isn’t perfect in this regard, but you could do this with supplemental fish oil caps etc to avoid taste issues as well).


did you have to adjust the amount of lechitin with an increase in fats?


I don’t use lecithin :slight_smile: - I eat a fair amount of eggs outside of soylent so I don’t need the lecithin for choline, and I haven’t found any problems with consistency or mixing. (I eat my multivitamins separately, and there is no oats so perhaps this is why it doesn’t seem necessary). I don’t use a blender, just a shaker mixer with the whisk globe thingy in.

A small amount of the oil tends to stick to the edge of the shaker however, no way to determine how much though. I suspect this is unavoidable.


It’s pure omega 6 fatty acids. Shouldn’t you maintain the balance?


Bulletproof coffee is made with hot coffee, grass fed butter, and a blender. If you drink soylent hot, you could use butter for the fat. Grass fed butter is high in omega 3.