Ketolent, a DIY ketogenic blend, is back on sale

Hey everyone. I’m pleased to announce that Ketolent is back. As of yesterday we’re producing and on sale again. Tim, the previous owner, had announced in early January that he was shutting down:

For anyone looking to grab some, or try it for the first time, the coupon code KETOLENT-RETURNS will get $10 off any order through the end of February.

The Ketolent product has been acquired by the company that produces KetoSoy and we’re delighted to add Ketolent to our product portfolio. Going forward we’re producing Ketolent in our food grade facility, which has received highest marks from local and state health authorities and is registered with the FDA – we take food safety very seriously.

We’ve started to pass cost savings of our scale on, price on subscription is down to $16 a day and shipping prices are down by as much as 50% in some cases. In the future we will continue to pass on price savings as we start buying the input ingredients in larger quantities and blending in larger batches. We’ll also be adding bulk sized quantities, making it available on amazon, and offering un-bundled options. In the further future look for a stevia sweetened option, strawberry flavor, and an extra protein option. We may even add an energy bar format. No promises yet on timelines.

Again, in case you missed it, the coupon code KETOLENT-RETURNS will get $10 off any order through the end of February.

But don’t you already sell ketogenic soylent? Yes. While the products do compete with each other, most people find they prefer one or the other. We believe in Keto and we believe in powdered food but we don’t believe that everyone should like the same thing – there’s no accounting for taste and variety being the spice of life and all that.

  • Ketolent is designed to be a taste first product. It has a creamy texture (absolutely no grit) and comes in both Vanilla and Chocolate. It is nutritionally complete and ketogenic.
  • KetoSoy is designed to be as natural as possible, a superfood shake, and have a complex taste that is hard to get tired of. Like coffee or beer, a lot of people hate it at first. It is nutritionally complete ketogenic, and also includes as many whole super foods as possible to guard against future discoveries in nutrition (coconut, wheat grass, cocoa, cinnamon, etc).

People have good reasons to prefer one over the other. Many people love KetoSoy. For those who don’t, we’re thrilled to be able to offer a product to meet the needs and tastes of the people who liked the idea of KetoSoy but didn’t like the specific blend.

On a personal note: Tim, the creator of Ketolent is a great guy and getting to know him has been the best part of this acquisition. Fun fact, Tim was the first customer of KetoSoy and Ted (the creator of KetoSoy) was a customer of Ketolent on the first day. Look for great things from Tim in the machine learning space in the future.

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