Kickstarter Soylent?


I think I know why I can’t find login at backerkit. I paid for week soylent at Kickstarter before kickstarter killed project there. However, since it already surpassed the goal when I ordered, I already paid for it. I don’t think I ever got money back, so will I get week worth of soylent or not?


Projects on Kickstarter do not keep the money if a project is not successful. Either they never took it out or they refunded you. I would suggest going and contacting the company for whatever card you used to pay for it. Get a statement. First find where the money was deducted. If there was an actual deduction then look for a refund on your statement. If by some slim chance they did deduct the money and did not give it back contact kickstarter and/or the soylent team. ITs possible but I find it unlikely they took your money and did not give it back.


We never had a Kickstarter campaign, only Crowdhoster ( please email and we can get this figured out.


Odd indeed. I checked my activity for 2 years, since april 30 2012 to now, for one week of soylent. Nothing. Just in case I misremembered, I checked for 2 weeks amount. Nothing too.

I guess somehow my order didn’t work out or something.

I guess I’ll wait till you guys are all caught up before ordering soylent.


Strange! There’s still time to place an order and be included in the initial shipping queue, just make sure you do so before Friday at 12:00pm PST.


I tried, error when processing payment information.


That’s generally caused by either your browser blocking javascript or your bank mistakenly flagging the charge as fraudulent. Can you try using a different browser? If that still fails, please contact your bank and confirm they are not blocking the charge.

If neither of those fixes the issue, please let me know!