Kickstarter Update


Kickstarter got back to us and, while supportive, said our project does not meet their platform’s focus. The site is stated to be built much more for creative projects and I can see why this idea isn’t really their cup of tea.

Crowdfunding has come a long way since kickstarter kicked it off. We looked at some figures and ultimately agreed it doesn’t make much sense for us to work with them, or give them 7% of the amount raised. For kickstarter projects the vast majority of traffic does not come from the site itself, international engagement is an afterthought, and it seems like a rather trivial barrier to the success of this project.

Thankfully, we were contacted by another Y Combinator team who is running a new crowdfunding platform that seems to be a much better fit for us. They will not be taking the cut that Kickstarter would have. It’s still in beta so we’re testing now but it should be up in just a few days.

More importantly, the current formulation is tastier and more filling than ever, the women testers are much happier, and talks with manufacturers are underway.


Well done, congratulations on the last two paragraphs.


Awesome! I’m glad you found another platform.


Nice! excited to start.


Can’t wait to support this amazing product!


@rob - I’m grateful for the update, your vision, and your steadfast yet cautious approach to carefully getting something greater off of the ground. Nicely done.


Waiting to send you money as well! Just give us a method!


Thanks for the update Rob. Any glimpses into what specific changes you’ve made to make it tastier and more fulfilling?


There are so many crowdfunding platforms, any good reasons to choose one that doesn’t even have a user base yet? I hope you’ve researched things better this time - people were telling you in the comments that soylent is against the terms of kickstarter but you seem to have spend a decent amount of time on it. Not trying to sound like a dick, just concerned for the project.


Thanks @rob - I’m the same as @jordanjlloyd. I’d be interested in any major changes with the current known recipe. I’m about to embark in making my own soon (couple weeks when the ingredients turn up) to trial for a couple weeks. So it would be good to know of any potential health issues with the current recipes being used.

It’s a bummer about Kickstarter but I think it will be successful no matter what funding you use. Just remember us DIY folks :wink:


It’s sad for the Kickstarter but as long as the new platform payment system allow us to go with the project it’s good.
Can 't wait to see the project take an even more concrete form !


Thanks for the update. Glad Y Combinator picked it up.


Women got their extra Iron? Women love iron… (just a guess)


Awesome news! Can’t wait! Will shipping to Canada be an option from the start?


Excellent. I hope being affiliated with Y Combinator gets Soylent rattling around the VC world. They should fall in love with this product.


Would manufacturing not raise the price of Soylent?
Wouldn’t it be funnier to let people “cook” it on their own (and adapt the recipe)… I’m not sure I would be really interested in an industrial soylent.
Did you think of developing a software that would get the Soylent recipe out of biometric informations for every user (i hope I made myself clear, my english is not so good ;).


Soylent is not about being funny - making it yourself is too dangerous for most potential users.
Of course, for those of us that don’t want to buy Soylent, we can already make our own. :smiley:


I think he meant more fun, not funnier.


The result is the same! :smiley:


Manufacturing and standardization would more likely reduce the cost (substantially). Individualized food products would have more red tape to adhere to regulations, if I remember correctly (Rob’s talked about this some in the past) – but like @CuriousBen said, you’re free to do it yourself (at your own risk).