Kids, Boobies and Soylent

Guess I want some feedback on a couple family type issues.

I have a 4 year old and 2 year old and a 5 month old, I know I’m sorry too.

My two older children have asked sometimes to 'try daddys drink" and I tell them no. I haven’t heard yet if Soylent is kid friendly.

Also my wife is pretty pleased with my results and wants to try Soylent (yay) but she breastfeeds our youngest.

Basically my question is this, though I know asking our doctor is the best option, is allowing my kids to try the product or my wife consuming it and passing it through her breast milk raise any potential concerns?

btw I am on 1.4, loving it so far, no separation and love the slimy salty texture.

Thank you.

No concerns. It is like letting your kids try a bite of “recreational food” off your plate.


agree with letting them try it… Can’t be worse than letting them eat some french fries…

However the breast feeding thing… I really have no qualifications to answer that… I would assume her body would still create milk with the same macros, and use the micros from the soylent… In theory if its food, and your healthy, it should be fine, but if there are any weird chemicals in soylent we don’t know about, it could be passed to your infant child that has a much weaker immune system…

There are no “weird chemicals in Soylent we don’t know about.”


hahaha, wow. yea.

  1. “if”.
  2. By not knowing, you wouldn’t know and would say there are not any. =)
  3. Some of it is sourced in China. Have you personally been to the factory’s that produce every single ingredient and have you run purity tests on everything to ensure there isn’t something there that shouldn’t be?
  4. Accidental food contamination? It happens…

If someone is talking about an infant child, are you willing to stand up and say with more than 100% certainty that there is nothing in soylent that could harm him?

hahaha, wow. yea.

Grading with your criteria, nothing is 100% safe.


Your entire argument applies to any food. Just recently there was an Amy’s Kitchen recall because of organic spinach contaminated with listeria. It’s absolutely true that we don’t know with 100% certainty what is in Soylent, but the same logic applies to any food. I think I’ll risk it and eat food, because the alternative is starvation and death. :smile:


Exactly, Soylent is food, I would apply that criteria to any food. he asked a question, I responded with my opinion and what I would think about when giving food to my wife who was breast feeding. Any women breast feeding has to think about the food their eating because it will pass to their children. I’m not dissing soylent as any less than any other food.

yall get pretty sensitive when someone says anything negative about soylent. Obviously i’m here because I drink soylent.

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Your not an infant child. =)

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i would suggest you dont. And i feel team soylent would tell you the same.

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An infant child wouldn’t starve? I don’t see what exactly your argument is. No food is 100% safe. Not eating is 100% unsafe.

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I know there aren’t any mystery chemicals, but there are some stuff not normally found in regular everyday foods. I was gonna type more on the last point but my ignorance was shinning through.

Maybe a product found in Soylent that’s fine for adults, but not when processed through breastmilk, is really what I’m asking. Maybe a list of every product to stay away from while breastfeeding and match that with Soylent? Goooooooooooooogle!!!

I know no food is 100% safe.

I never said not to give it, only an observation.
If my wife wanted to drink it and was breastfeeding would I let her? Yup, but I would make sure to understand the risk, and seeing as how soylent is still a giant experiment, there IS a risk that it could harm my child…

His concern wasn’t Soylent vs not eating, it was if anyone could think of anything wrong with his wife consuming soylent over her original diet while breastfeeding.
I don’t see why your arguing about it, other than trying to defend soylent because you considered my comment an attack on something you enjoy.


Don’t reply snippy to someone when you don’t agree with their opinion, and then turn around and accuse others of being sensitive. :wink:


The passion of this thread is high. I can probably blame this on the presence of the word ‘boobies’


You think I was being snippy, I wasn’t… And why can’t I accuse other’s of being sensitive? You just accused me of being? maybe I’m just sarcastic in a light hearted way that comes across badly?

Sarcasm tends not to read online.


Yea you did. You said, “Don’t reply snippy to someone when you don’t agree with their opinion, and then turn around and accuse others of being sensitive.”

That’s appears to be a sentence in command structure, and not a suggestion. If you want to talk about semantics.

I’ll apologize now for appearing to be snippy and or dismissive in my response. However I stand in my original position about risks, breastfeeding, etc.