Know of any CHEAP mct oil?


I am always looking to make my diy soylent cheaper. I use about 60 ml of mct oil a day. Anyone know of a cheaper mct oil than this? @chris_bair @kennufs


That’s a good price so long as shipping doesn’t kill you, I think Swanson’s is $4 shipping per order, so as long as you’re buying several you should come out good. It’s been a while since I ordered MCT oil (and I still have several bottles on hand), but my last order was the NOW brand which is currently $19.50/bottle with shipping.

Also don’t forget to use a coupon code, I ordered some lecithin from them tonight and used CPWELCOME for 10% off, and I think that if you order over $50 that code will also get you free shipping.


I usually get this 4 pack for 78 on amazon but then saw that swanson link.


Indeed, that’s really good price for the MCT oil. I’m currently using carrington farms liquid coconut oil instead of MCT. I can get it for $8/16oz at my local walmart and it’s reasonably close to MCT for my purposes.


I also use NOW brand, and I take an extra tablespoon in the morning before heading out into the cold - keeps me warm and gives me energy.


@Eryk, That sounds like an interesting way to beat the cold. NOW brand MCT oil or NOW brand coconut oil?


It’s MCT oil. And obviously, I take it with food. Don’t want “disaster pants”.

#8 NOW is $15.


Looks like they want an extra $6 for shipping, so the Swanson’s is still cheaper.


@kennufs Very true.

My cart at is often $2-300 a shot and with the free gifts, and extra promos for buying that much (over 200 you get 10 bucks off etc) I find that if I make a cart in amazon with the same goods, will come out cheaper. That and free shipping from amazon always takes like a week to two to arrive. never takes more than 2 days (at least for me). I’ve also never had a bottle break from, I’ve had some leak/broken from others.


If you simply want 1 bottle, looks like Amazon is best. (I think I’ll grab some, myself)


What the heck are you ordering? :smile: Amazon Prime is practically next day shipping in most cases.


Then you gotta factor in the hundred bucks you paid for prime. =) I personally don’t have prime.