Kurzweill Supplements (Ray and Terry)


Anyone here uses Ray & Terry supplements? (http://www.rayandterry.com/) I am searching for a reliable firm that ships supplements to Malta. I used to buy from Ray and Terry’s, I am guessing it’s a reputable company but would like to have your opinion (if any) on the matter.


This is interesting. Ray and Terry have a shake-type mix that looks quite similar to soylent, but it’s very low-carb, also low-fat and one would alsod assume low-calorie, being sold as a weight-loss adjunct although I couldn’t find the calorie figure on a quick read-through (it’s probably there though). It is interesting to check out the vitamin and mineral components which are listed in some detail, making the page of some interest here. Cost is $2.27/serving. Anyone who wanted a quick-and-dirty kind of try-out of the soylent concept could just add carbs (oat powder, maltodextrin or whatever) and some olive and/or coconut oil and give it a whirl, literally, in the blender. Easy way to try the whole idea out for those who are undecided.

Supreme Shake Mix

EDIT: So I finally found the calories – you don’t get specific info until you select a flavour on the page, screwy! Anyway, the calories per serving run from 117 (chocolate) to 131 (berry) and such as they are, they are mostly from fat. So what this represents from our POV is like, DIY Soylent Kit Made Easy – they do all the hard parts with the tricky micronutrients, you bring the calories in whatever form you like best, dairy if you can handle it, maltodextrin if you aren’t bothered by sugars, oat powder if you aren’t bothered by phytates, and so forth – your choice of macronutrients, in other words. It would make for a very easy fast route to a DIY soylent for anyone who just wanted to give the whole concept a trial run without excessive investment in micronutrient supplies, intensive study on how to balance it all out, etc. At a price, but the price is not outrageous, like 33 bucks for 15 servings, so one 15-serving canister would give you enough stuff to do a fair trial. On the downside, the percentages of daily values for micronutrients are kind of all over the map with little consistency, from as low as only 5% of daily value for biotin and molybdenum up to well over 200% for vitamins B5 and B6, per serving. Oh well, it would hardly matter much for a short trial period; I don’t think one would want to do it that way permanently, but what an easy way to test out whether you think you could manage with a predominantly liquid diet as Rob does. Or you can wait, and try the real deal in a couple of months. :wink: