Last call for participants for the 2015 soylent Eaters Survey


We’ve had 202 completed surveys submitted so far, enough for statistical significance on many of the questions. If you were going to participate and haven’t yet, please do so now.

We will be closing the survey Feb 4th at midnight eastern.

A few teasers:

  • 89% of respondents are male. Even accounting for the inherent bias of reddit being one of the major sources, this is a pretty surprising statistic. 9% female. 2% other/decline.
  • 46% of respondents believe their health has improved since starting soylent while only 3% believe their health has gotten worse. Either soylent is making a lot of people healthier or it is making a lot of people feel healthier.
  • two people managed to find and start the survey by google search. I have no idea what they were searching for.


Lmfao, that’s great!


Well that just tells me that 51% said it made no difference to their health. I’m actually surprised, as I assumed placebo effect would be a stronger influence in that area.


I’m pleased to announce that there are now 3 distributions helping gather data for this survey, and commensurately 3 thank you coupons for people who finish the survey: KetoSoy, TheBairs.Net, and CustomBodyFuel.

Anyone who participated in the survey and signed up for the results announcement will get a copy of the coupons in the “survey results ready” email next week.

Thanks to all of the participants, this is already a fascinating data set and I think will go a long way towards furthering real discussion about soylent as a food technology.


Good point. Maybe a lot of people have not had enough to really know its effect. I suppose that the best statistic would be repeat sales, not a survey.


Results here:


Pretty interesting. I would really like to know the correlation (if any) with perceived health improvement and the amount of soylent consumed per day. If those 91 people who don’t use soylent say they haven’t seen any health improvement then that’s not really informative. :smile:

Thanks for doing this.


Now I have something to link to when somebody’s argument against Soylent is predicated on people consuming it 100%.