Last call for participants in the unofficial 2016 soylent Eaters Survey

Survey closes soon - 5/1

Like last year anonymized results will be open sourced.

Survey can be taken here:

Thanks in advance.

Last year we had over 500 respondents and the quantified results helped move the discussion away from “the end of food” to “nutritional bases.” This year we’re looking to understand more of how people’s use is evolving over time.
Survey will be open through 5/2.

Just like last year there is a thank you thrown in at the end for people who complete it. But this year’s thank you is much bigger.

Please don’t follow this link until after you’ve taken the survey: last year’s soylent Eaters Survey results


Just completed the survey! :smiley:

Come on, everybody! :wink:


My brain is only working at 50% because allergies are killing me, but I assumed this was a survey from Soylent. This is actually from Ketosoy. I don’t think this was misleading on purpose, but it could have been clearer that this was a non-Soylent survey.

Besides that it seemed to be a very well thought out survey and I am very interested in the results.


We’re trying not to bias anyone’s results by saying the names of the organizing producers until the end. Not done to be misleading, done to get the best data possible. Ketosoy is coordinating, but producers of 8 different distributions are working together to put the survey together.

Thanks for taking it, results should be ready mid next month.


Thanks. I didn’t mean to sound like I thought you were trying to get away with anything. I think it is very cool that the “future food” market is so open.


soylent with a small "s’’ is the generic term.

Soylent, with the large “S” is the RL brand.


What nutritional blends of soylent/future food do you/would you find appealing?

There isn’t an option for “Standard” or normal blend or anything like that. Although I’d probably tweak some things about Soylent I think it’s a pretty good approximation of what I want it to be.

@gambit it’s a good suggestion. We’ll add a standard option for that one next year.

Survey taken. Thanks for listening to your customers.

And thank you for taking it.

Survey closes soon, please participate now if you were going to.

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