Last meals before going on Soylent


Anyone plan on a nice binge before going on an extended period (even a week) of a Soylent-only diet? My questions are:

  1. If so, what do you plan on doing? A binge? A big meal each each day before?

  2. what would be your “last meal” before going on it?

  3. how long do you plan on a Soylent-only diet?

  4. how do you plan on dealing with social situations where others are normally eating and you are no longer eating?

  5. if you do an Soylent-only diet for an extended period of time, how will you deal with an urge to eat something if you’re in between Soylent melas and say you don’t have any with you?


I’ve actually been thinking about this a little.

  1. If I can swing the logistics just right, I’m hoping to put a trip together with friends to our favorite place in town, the day before Soylent arrives. Not a binge, per se – but it would be nice to go out for something tasty the night before.
  2. see above. If I can make it happen, it’ll be either that, or leftovers from said trip.
  3. Indefinitely, though probably not Soylent-exclusive. I enjoy cooking. I hope to enjoy cooking even more once I can focus on only the specific meals I’m making for the sake of that particular food itself (ie, as someone put it, “not the ones where I’m just putting a sandwich in my face to avoid passing out”)
  4. If it’s a special or otherwise notable meal, I’m up for enjoying food every once in a while. If it’s just hanging out with people at lunch/etc, I don’t really expect any issues.
  5. Probably about the same as I would normally - wait until I can grab something healthy (Soylent) if reasonable, or get something else if I have to. If it happens often, I’ll probably start carrying around a few mini-packs and a water bottle.

  1. I planned on having a boat load of BBQ.
  2. Ended up with a hoagie instead. :frowning:
  3. 1 year! (3 weeks in as of tomorrow!)
  4. Just happened at Easter dinner. “Sorry, I’m on a meal replacement diet.”
  5. Second day into Soylent, I forgot my breakfast and lunch Soylent at HOME. Worked all day without my Soylent. Drank lots of herbal tea, and pigged out on Soylent when I got home.


No planned binge here.

1.) N/A
2.) N/A
3.) At least three months. One month to wean off caffeine, One month to establish a baseline, then one month to (re)introduce nootropics. At which point I may begin social eating again.
4.) Bringing a thermos of Soylent with me for when I’m hungry, or avoiding such situations.
5.) I plan on keeping a bag in my car and at my office for emergencies. If worse comes to worse for the first 3 months, I’ll just deal with being hungry.

  1. I don’t think I’ll binge, honestly.
  2. I might be tempted to get an ice cream sundae the night before, but part of the benefit of Soylent is freeing myself from the sugar cycle. It’s probably better if I don’t.
  3. Three weeks, minimum. I figure, for one thing, that’s enough time to really give it a shot–get over the rough first week that comes with any major diet change and see how I feel for two weeks. And also, if I don’t love it, that’s long enough for it to work as an elimination diet (here’s a two-week example, but the one I followed before was three) and figure out what foods I might be sensitive to.
  4. After three weeks, if I want to keep doing Soylent, I’ll cook and eat socially, but use Soylent for most meals. (Is it creepy that the verbs are “use” and “do”? Maybe I should say “drink,” instead.)
  5. I’m going to try not to let that happen.

  1. I won’t be doing anything special. Just eating my same crappy diet.
  2. It’ll probably be pizza or kraft dinner.
  3. I plan on being on Soylent only (except maybe a slice of pizza on weekends and drinking) for an indefinite amount of time
  4. I may join in, or I may simply state that I’ve already eaten or am on an alternative diet. Whatever excuse works.
  5. I’ll just deal with my urge to eat the same way I do when I don’t have food and just not eat. Wait until I get home. I never leave home for more than a few hours anyways. And if I’m getting low and know my shipment won’t be in for a bit, I’ll cut my portions in half to make my last couple days of Soylent last a bit longer.

It’s all about necessity.

  1. What do you plan on doing? A binge? A big meal each each day before?
  • I plan on just having average food the day before.
  1. What would be your “last meal” before going on it?
  • Just my average day, rice balls for breakfast, rice balls for lunch, and whatever the family burned on the grill for dinner.
  1. How long do you plan on a Soylent-only diet?
  • I only had enough money for a week, so probably a week, although depending on how it comes out, I might end up having dinner with the family and/or halving the recipe, which could extend it as far as 2 weeks.
  1. How do you plan on dealing with social situations where others are normally eating and you are no longer eating?
  • I go to a high school, and no one actually eats there at lunch, so I’m probably good on that front. As for dinner, I will either eat with the family, or give them a chance to eat all the things we usually don’t because of my allergies and pickyness.
  1. If you do an Soylent-only diet for an extended period of time, how will you deal with an urge to eat something if you’re in between Soylent meals and say you don’t have any with you?
  • I’m not going for an extended period of time, but I figure I’m giving up ‘food’ so why not give up meals? I’ll be drinking Soylent continuously throughout the day.


1 & 2: No plans. Whatever happens to happen before my shipment arrives.

3: Forever, hopefully.

4: Mostly not wasting my time by partaking in those situations. Where they cannot be avoided I’ll just be eating my Soylent.

5: I plan on stashing a bag or two in the car, maybe one at the office, etc, to make sure it’s always at hand. If I find myself to be hungry without any Soylent to be had, then I have failed at planning my life really.

  1. I’m planning on just one nice meal the evening before I start my Soylent only diet.
  2. I’ve got some venison steaks from this last deer season in my freezer, busting them out with some baked potatoes for the last meal.
  3. I’ve ordered a 2 week supply, I’ll start with that and see where it goes. I don’t really plan on being Soylent exclusive though. I do want to be able to enjoy family meals for special occasions and holidays.
  4. I’ll probably try to time taking my Soylent to when you would normally eat, that way I can just take that while they eat.
  5. Take more with me. The first few times I fail to take enough with me I’ll probably pick up a power bar or something from a gas station.


So, I’ll be going on vacation for a week, flying out Tuesday morning. My starter kit gets here on Monday, and my Soylent will get here while i’m on the plane :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks like my trip to VA will be a great last week of meals before I start Soylent.

  1. I’ll be eating at all my favorite restaurants while in VA.
  2. My last week of meals will include the following:
    a. The Burrito San Jose from Plaza Azteca in Newport News
    b. Anything from Vancosta’s restaurant in NN
    c. I’ll be trying something from The Q BBQ in Richmond for the first time, but I’ve heard it’s amazing.
    d. Fresh, handmade crab cakes, soft crab sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich, and a 1/2 of the Farm sandwich from Newsome’s Restaurant in Burgess, VA, not all at the same time! (If you’re ever in the area, it’s the best restaurant, hands down.)
    e. I’ll be sending home at least 6 liters of Northern Neck Ginger Ale (My favorite! exclusive to a small area of VA)
  3. I’ll be tapering onto Soylent, but would like to be close to 100% for at least a month.
  4. I don’t have too many, but I’ll eat “regular food” during some of these occasions.
  5. I’ll grab a snack, like I usually do.


After 2.5 months on DIY soylent, I am amazed at all of the foods I do not crave. I seriously thought that the cravings were what was going to keep me from consuming soylent for the majority of my meals. Instead, I have to force myself to eat conventional food for the most part. I do love me a good steak though which is my usual go to meal.


I’ve noticed the same and was equally amazed! Been on official Soylent for just over a month now, and ALL of my “MUST HAVE SWEEEETS!!” cravings vanished instantly. I didn’t expect that in the slightest but it can only be a good thing. I had quite the sweet tooth, and even though we have a big ol’ basket of easter candy and other goodies still in the house… I just don’t really care anymore. I’m simply not drawn to them at all.

We do have a friend visiting though and he offered me a couple Oreo cookies last night, and I decided to give them a try (since I haven’t had an official Oreo in… I dunno, 12+ years?) They were good, but two was definitely plenty!


You ate two packages of Oreos? Man. I’m usually pretty full after just one. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Okay, only kind of joking. I have cleared an entire pack of the mint ones in one day before…)


LOL no no no… two cookies. Two packages I’m fairly certain would kill me. Or at least make me wish I was dead!


Mint oreos just remind me of toothpaste. Yuck!


Well, this topic ended up as sort of a happy coincidence for me.

Yesterday, working off of “you know, I really need to use up this stuff before it goes bad”, I put the majority of my remaining soup ingredients in a pot and proceeded to make like 2 gallons of chicken soup (which turned out really tasty).

On top of that, my plans for Monday and Tuesday include (unrelated, and simply by coincidence) separately made plans to go to my two favorite restaurants in town with some friends.

And this morning at 2am, I got my shipping notification :smiley:

With any luck, I’ll eat/share all that soup for misc. meals, have great North Shore lunch today, great Pho Hong’s dinner tomorrow (with Soylent in the fridge for the night, if I’m lucky), and either that dinner or its leftovers will be my “last meal” before launching Advanced Fuel Source. :slight_smile:

The "I got my Soylent!" thread

Alright, with Soylent scheduled for Tomorrow delivery, I’ve got my last meal set: SuperDinner - here defined as the following:

I attend college in a (very) small town, but as I’ve mentioned, there are two local food venues I find quite delicious - a little Hawaiian place and a sort of unique Vietnamese restaurant. As planned, I’ve gone to both this week, and have partial leftovers accordingly - Kalua pork / Shoyu chicken from the Hawaiian place, and fried rice from the Vietnamese one. I consider each of these to be the best individual things from their respective restaurant.

I’m going to combine them.

I’ve never eaten at both in close enough succession to have the idea of making the leftovers into one, but it’s chicken/pork being mixed in to fried rice - I expect it to be more than compatible, and a glorious last meal.

Aside from SuperDinner, I’ll probably finish off half of the soup I have left, plus the lesser (but still tasty) of the two portions from the second restaurant during the day tomorrow. I’ll have one or two things left in my pantry, but really, I ended up pretty neatly set as far as anything perishable.