Last Minute Address Change


I am moving very soon in the next couple of days, is it possible to change my address at the last minute? I won’t burn down your house if you say no, but I would be joyful if you said yes.


Do you have your new address yet? I believe @JulioMiles has stated that you can email for post-backerkit-lockdown address changes, but I don’t know when the exact cutoff date is - ideally it would be changeable right up until your kit is shipped, but obviously I can’t really say that with any authority.

The pitcher/scoop kit should be shipping as early as tomorrow, so I’d send the email today if possible. Better to have it arrive at the new place before you do than the old place after you’ve left.


The pitcher going to the old is OK with me, but 90 pounds of Soylent going to the old address would suck. I’ll try and mail it out soon.


Hey @cxmu, just want to make sure that you got your issue sorted out! Let me know if you still need help.