Late day upset stomach?


Has anyone else had an issue like this?

I’ve been using official soylent for ~60% of my meals each day. The first day or three I got the often mentioned gas and stomach issues. By the third or fourth day my stomach seemed to have adjusted until I at regular food for dinner. Then the gas and general upset stomach came back.

Today I had my regular soylent breakfast and lunch (technically half meal around 8, 11, and 1:30) and then had a small handful of pretzels around 3 for the salt. Right around that same time I started to get the upset stomach again. I’m wondering if it’s just from eating the pretzels and having solid food (even if it was only a little) or if it might just be some late day upset stomach that soylent is causing.


If this is your first time on Soylent, DIY or regular, your body may have a difficult time adjusting back and forth.

Eventually you should get used to it: I went a month without my DIY Soylent and started it again without problems: my body remembers. But the first week or two can be difficult.


Can it really take as long as a few weeks? It sounded like most people only took a few days. I’d think eating real food as well would make it easier to adjust to the soylent since my body is still getting some of what it remembers.

Though it also seems like a lot of people are seeing a lot more benefits than I am. Maybe my body just isn’t made for soylent :frowning:


Everyone is different. It took me a week to get used to 100% DIY. Even after that, switching back and forth took some adjustment. Now a year later, I can do solid or liquid at will without a problem (well I have a problem, but it is not Soylent, it is dairy in general)


I’ll keep my fingers crossed then. I’m wondering how long I can hold out before deciding the upset stomach isn’t worth it. If I were seeing benefits I’d be willing to put up with more but right now I don’t see myself giving it more than another week :confused:


I recommend sticking with it as long as you are not having a medical issue like throwing up, severe headaches (remember to add 1/5 tsp of salt to each day’s batch), cold flashes, whatever else is unusual.


I’ve had the same issues. Going in week 3 now and my stomachs is more settled now.

For reference I eat like shit. Fast food, over eating. Etc.

Now I go a day it two and have a reg meal. It feels better.