Latest Formula for Review


Hello my fellow soylentarians.
I’ve been trying out my own variations on the basic soylent recipe for about a month, and thought it was time to post my latest formula for review and constructive criticism. I’m currently using what I can find on the shelves of my local health food shop, hence the proliferation of Solgar products, supplemented with bulk protein and carb’ powders from

I’m consuming a roughly 50/50 soylent to solid food ratio and would like to refine my formula further before I become more reliant on my mix. There are some obvious discrepancies in my formula that need to be addressed, so any advise on these areas will be gratefully received.


Are you intending to get so much more than the RDA for so many of the vitamins and minerals?


Unless you regularly bleed, the iron is too high.
Potassium Gluconate is 16.691% Potassium by mass, so that only gives you 0,476g of Potassium from that. Together with the Lo Salt though it might be enough, this is just a calculation problem. Same with the Monosodium Phosphate, you might want to clarify that in the spreadsheet.

Other than that, there’s only this:
Your oats contain more than just “calories” and sodium - oats are particularly high in Manganese.
Taking the Manganese supplement in addition will put you other the usually recommended Safe Upper Limit.


Hi reddleman & CuriousBen, thanks for replying.

The amounts do look a little high at first, but as I’m only consuming 50% of my soylent mix per day my totals are half that indicated. I’m still new to this and I have a lot more reading up to do before I settle on a final formula.

I do bleed regularly, but not because of my gender. I donate blood on a regular basis so I thought I would benefit from a higher level of Iron.
I checked my levels for Potassium Gluconate and it appears to be correct. The Now Foods pack indicates 270mg Potassium from 1.74g. So, 18g of Potassium Gluconate should give approximately 2.8g of Potassium + 2.08g from the Lo Salt hopefully provides 4.88g.
Thanks for the Self Nutrition Date link. I’m readjusting my levels in accordance to the data they list. I’ve been a bit busy with work over the last week, but this weekend should give me enough time to workout a better formula.


Hi Zeropoint,

Looks to me like your macronutrient ratios are about:
Protein 37%
Carbohydrates 35%
Fats 28%
For only 2253 calories.

Which has me a bit puzzled - I’m not sure what your approximate daily caloric intake goal is, but it looks to me like you have a caloric goal equal to that of a sedentary 40+ year old male (I’m guessing male on the bleed comment). And if that’s true, I’m not sure why you’ve got so much protein in there. I’m on a nearly 5000 calorie diet as an athlete and I still haven’t seen any reason for me to consume more than about 170g of protein a day. Most general guidelines I can find suggest most people need about 0.8g/kg of protein and athletes need at most 2g/kg. At 210g of protein that would suggest you’re 262kg if not an athlete or 105kg if you are an extreme athlete.

But of course I’m no doctor and probably don’t know nearly enough about your own situation and goals to even draw the weak conclusions I already have. Could you elaborate a bit on who you are and what your objectives are?


My not yet published table also has this layout :slight_smile:
One big thing I noticed: The Soy Protein definitely doesn’t have zero micro-nutrients. You should check it online and adjust the formula for it.