Latest shipment of Soylent 1.8 powder too sweet!


It’s batch no. IM520632


Yikes… that’s a little unsettling that they still haven’t figured this out…


I have IM520632 Just received it a week or 2 ago. It is very sweet. I notice that sucrolose (splenda) is in the ingredients so figured they just added this. Looking at 1.7 though i see it there to. I am guessing that they just got heavy handed with the sweetener. I am hopeful that my next batch won’t be this sweet.


If you don’t like it call customer support and they will ship out a new order.


Oh man, I’m surprised I found this so quick! I have two boxes 1 month apart. The latest one from 6/2017. Both are super sweet and have an unusual consistency. That’s right around the same time as the ones you all posted about. I’m going to call and get a replacement for sure.