Latest Soylent 1.5 shipment expires in under 1 month?

Okay, this isn’t really a problem yet per se (I don’t even know what expired Soylent symptoms would be)… but I just opened up my latest shipment of v1.5, and the boxes inside have an even earlier expiration date than the last boxes I just cleared out - labeled as “Expires 04/16” versus “Expires 05/16” in a different font on my last box.

Da fuq?

I mean, I just mixed one together, and it actually tastes better than the last batch. But are sales of 1.5 really moving so slowly - with everyone near-forcibly transitioned to 2.0 - that the 1.5 is sitting around for an entire year now?

Honestly, I kinda wanted to switch my last shipment to 2.0, but switching isn’t too terribly easy - it seems like I’d have to cancel one subscription (oh no, don’t go! We’ll miss you! Please come back!), then sign up for a new one (hey, great to meet a new subscriber, we’re Soylent, we’re sure you’ll love it! <3 ). Kinda had that experience when I had Soylent sent to a different address… now I have two pitchers. (not that I’m complaining!) :wink: But I kinda want to just… “try” 2.0… without all the fanfare and runaround of juggling subscriptions.

Pardon the OT.

But yeah, what’s up with the near-expired 1.5, and does it really matter?

If there’s a limit to active subscriptions we haven’t found it yet, and you won’t get another pitcher with 2.0 (obviously?). I suspect the only reason you received two pitchers is that you had two unique addresses, or perhaps it was a simple mistake/glitch; I’ve done many 1.0-1.5 subscriptions and the only pitcher I received was pre-1.0 launch, but they’ve all been delivered to the same address.

Trying 2.0 should be as easy as either pausing/cancelling your current subscription, then ordering 2.0. You should be able to cancel the 2.0 subscription almost immediately if you only want one order.

I suspect they made/stockpiled too much 1.5 pre-2.0 launch, and their shipping partner apparently was not shipping the oldest product first. The expiration was changed from 2 years to 1 year, due to worries about vitamin/mineral potency, so it probably isn’t a big deal, but if you contact customer service they will replace it (AFAIK).

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Contact customer service if you received product with shorter expiration than the stated policy of no less than 2 months before expiration

In the same proverbial boat here. Likely not an issue, but it’s less than “comforting” to be receiving back of warehouse stock with expiry in 2 weeks (although 4-2016 is somewhat ambiguous). As per others…probably no major deal, just a bit depressing to have been ordering for quite a while and now receive the perceived remnants of stockpiles. Oh well!

Sorry to hear that you’ve also received nearly-expired product. There’s already a healthy discussion around this, plus a couple responses from Soylent, on The Incredibly Shrinking Expiration Date thread… pop on over for more info.


Per the referenced post:

the product shelf-life is valid until the end of the month that is coded on the package

So the common expiration date of 4-2016 is not considered expired until the end of April (and will in all likelihood be fine for at least another year after that).

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This is bad warehousing practices, simple as that. Industry standards would have them following a FIFO protocol. Their software really should be tracking each case and lot number, where it is in the warehouse, how to rotate that product to be First I First Out, and also know what lot/batch/case/bag each customer was sent


One of their batches didn’t meet nutritional values and had to hold it, mix it with additional soylent batches to get the nutrition levels right and that took away from the expiration.

My last shipment of Soylent has a 12/2016 expiration date, the 14 bags I received today, or two boxes, expires 05/2016. It doesn’t make much sense at all, I am not too worried about it because I will eat this in a month but being in the industry, an ops manager needs to get control of the warehouse.