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Here is our facts and stance on prop 65: https://faq.soylent.com/hc/en-us/articles/204197379-California-Proposition-65


Also see prior discussions on the topic:


This warning is triggered by extremely low levels of the regulated compounds, and as such, the notification is a familiar sight to anyone who has eaten at a restaurant, stayed in a hotel, attended a theme park, or parked in a parking garage in California.

When I was in California that “warning” was practically everywhere you just learn to ignore it. It becomes a mere noise. Which renders the whole rule entirely pointless.


I live in California. I almost never see the warning. When I do I remember not to lick the gas pump or eat the label off my bottle of beer.



PANIC - WERE ALL GONNA DIE! :dizzy_face:


Noooooooooooooooo if its printed in California it has to be true.


Also live in california, Also see it everywhere. If a building was built before like 1980 it has that sign.


From the state that made it illegal to defend yourself, yes follow their lead.