Leaving Ireland and have soylent 2.0 I can't take home with me


Came to ireland for vacation and brought a bunch of 2.0 with me just in case. Didn’t use most of it and plan on leaving the rest behind. I’m in Dublin at the academy plaza hotel. If you would like it message me and we can arrange something. I’m leaving first thing tomorrow morning though.


No replies? No takers? Lol hide it around the city :wink:


I’ll take it, just ship it to San Francisco. Thanks!


You went to my home and native land!


LOL. It is gorgeous there! We are actually planning on moving there. The trip was partially to check out the area and make sure it was a good idea. :slight_smile:


So what did you end up doing with the Soylent? I hope you stashed it and left a treasure map somewhere.