Lentils and anti-nutritive factors


I was thinking of adding lentils to mine because they’re cheap and nutritious but I’m a little worried about the anti-nutritive factors (trypsin inhibitor and phytic acid). Apparently they block the absorption of some vitamins. I read here that soaking and cooking will get rid of trypsin inhibitor and reduce phytic acid although I can’t read the full article. I was thinking of using 85g(dry) lentils as 1/3 of my carbs along with whole oat flour and maltodextrin. if I soak and cook them plenty should I be worried about it? how much will cooking reduce? how much vitamin absorption will phytic acid block? I’m having a little trouble finding these answers.


Every chemical in lentils is going to be cheaper in powdered form than the lentils.


I’m not buying in bulk just yet but when I added lentils to my spreadsheet I was able to reduce my more expensive protein powder, fiber, and maltodextrin. It saved more than $1 a day.