Less fat, more calories


Since the last delay, I’m one of many who decided to give DIY a go. The Hacker School recipe seemed like the most accessible, so I thought I’d tweak it to my own needs. One of the main problems I have with it is the amount of sugar, but when I decreased it calories and carbs plummeted but fat stayed the same, so now I have a recipe that’s really short of calories and carbs, but really high in fat.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rebalance it without adding all the sugar back in? Once I reach my weight loss goal I’d like to up the calories even more, but if it means adding even more fat I’m worried about how that will effect my health.

Here’s my working recipe: http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/minor-healing-potion

Any other advice is welcome as well. I know it’s still short a few things, but luckily my favorite foods are high in most of those things–I eat a lot of fish, and drink A LOT of milk–so I should still be getting enough in the form of actual food.


Contrary to what you believe in, you’re doing the right thing. A high fat diet is actually very good for you - search this forum for ketogenic diet, or go to youtube or Google and search for the same thing.

As long as you use the right fats - coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil (for eaxmple) - you’re not ok but much better than if you were going only with slow carbs.


Wouldn’t my recipe have to be lower in carbs to qualify as keto? I’m familiar with the diet–I know a number of people on it–but I’m not interested in restricting my own carbs. Restrictive diets aren’t really my jam, and I just love pastries so much.

I assumed keto’s high fat intake was only healthy if it was coupled with low carb intake. Is that not true?


Honestly you should just use the normal formula… nothings wrong with sugar as long as you don’t take more than you need… the orignal is fine, and if you eat nothing but that and will actually lose weight if you also excersie… it is more sustainable.

There isn’t really any “upside” to drinking A LOT of milk, so unless you really just love milk, then you don’t have to. (depending on your “race” milk can even be bad for you, but most people or nordic origin can handle milk just fine)

same goes with Fish… the only real reason why people are like “you have to eat some fish, fish fish fish” is because of the oils… there is no reason really for it if your getting those oils elsewere. :slight_smile: just my 5cent.

also ketogenic is not for everyone either. It’s hard to get started to where it feels good and normal, but I never got my head around why people really wanna start on keto. (not that it’s really bad for you or anything (take a look at the eskimos, but they also had some genetic adaption to it as far as I understood)


I drink a lot of milk because I work as a barista. We’re required to taste our espresso regularly for quality assurance, and I prefer lattes to straight espresso. I eat a lot of fish because I love fish. Both things I eat for pleasure, not nutrients. It’s just happy accident that the things my Soylent is missing are the things I’d be eating anyway.

I’m still dubious about the sugar. Everything I’ve been reading said the highest recommended daily intake for females is 25g. My recipe as it stands has 30, and the original one has 75. I don’t have a family history of diabetes or anything, it just… seems like a lot, to be eating three times what everything I can find says should be the max.


that value is for “added sugars” :slight_smile: most food contains “sugar” naturally… the main concern about the sugar would be that it is quickly taken into the body… that is why more advanced diy recipes use more complex “sugar”.

I will tell you this much… try out the original DIY, and then afterwards you can try removing it (if you havn’t tried already) you would feel the difference if you don’t get enough carbs… if you feel fine, then it is fine (since your eating other stuff anyway too)

I might add that I havn’t done a DIY myself, I wanted to, but some of the main ingredients I wanted to use from the top DIY recipe aren’t allowed in m country for import for some reason… (GNC Men’s Mega Men Sport, Vanilla Bean, 2.37 lb for specificly, for this diy http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/people-chow-301-tortilla-perfection )


With all due respect Tordenskjold, if you haven’t done DIY then you shouldn’t be giving advice about it. Your advice about sugar is just plain wrong; even the creator of the Hackerschool recipe has said that he thinks it has too much sugar, and, having started with it myself, I agree.


That is why I mentioned that I havn’t had a chance to do my own diy myself yet so Peanut could take what I said with a “grain of salt”

but the general rule is that less than 10% of the cal. should come from sugar… so for 2000cal diet, that would be less than 50gram of sugar.