Less ominous looking bottles

So I forgot my backup bottle of soylent in my backpack Again at airport security (this time it was actually two of them), security didn’t like the look of the 2.0 bottles. This is now my only real complainy about 2.0 other than it not being free :stuck_out_tongue:

I was under the assumption that no drinks were allowed through security when flying. Is this the case, or am I mistaken?

tsa didn’t like the look of my ukulele, and it’s hardly “ominous”


TSA is insane. They confiscated my near-empty tube of toothpaste with about .1 oz of toothpaste in it…because if it had been full it would have been over the 3oz limit. SMH.


My best tweet ever (yes, I peaked in 2010):

“I’m just looking for a girl who is a lady in public and a TSA screener in the bedroom.”


It’s bureaucracy. Rather than allow TSA make a judgement call as to whether something is or isn’t 3oz they do it on container size. The insane ones are the ones that made this TSA screening possible. Yeah, I’m looking at you congress! Illusion of security…


Correct. Over-reaction of 9/11.

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I put ready to mix 1.5 powder in two small clear plastic bottles, intending to add water after the homeland gantlet. Also, I packed an unopened pouch for show & tell. Yes, they opened the bag, shook the bottles and scratched their collective heads. But they let me pass. Awesome improvement in long haul traveling. Thank you, rob.

Correct, but they werent happy with either letting me chug one or throwing them away. They scanned them with whatever “bomb scanner” wand thing they had like 3 times before throwing them out in separate trash cans? O_o

So a co-worker just stopped by my desk and asked me what my Soylent bottles were “because they’re so cute.”

Maybe they’re not ominous enough, I was forced to actually socialize! :wink:


Oh the horror!!! :scream:


The only ominous bottles I’ve ever seen were empty bottles of booze.


Someone who only takes and never gives?


Since I don’t bother to label my bottles or put them in a container in the work fridge, I’m relying on the ominous, lack of nutritional label, solid color bottle to scare people away from stealing it.