Less than 30 days to shipping? Are we really there?


So there have been no more setbacks reported and the schedule is to begin shipping in mid to late Feb. Are we really in the less than 30 days to Solyent time frame?

What do you think?


Short of an apocalyptic event, and manufacturing center shutdown, I don’t see what else would cause a delay.


I rub my eyes as well, but yeah it really seems so. Niiiice


I am so ready do be done with general-purpose meals. And grocery shopping.


To be fair, I thought that of a late January date, but sometimes we just don’t have all the info.

A “everything is still on schedule” update next week would be a nice touch in my mind.


Well, they hadn’t had everything finalized until recently, but now that everything finalized there is not much that can stop or delay it.


*knocks on just all the wood*


oof, yes, please visit a forest with a sledgehammer immediately and start knocking. that being said, we currently aren’t foreseeing any delays.


That’s gotta be a great feeling. The train has left the station :smile:
Congratulations, Rosa Labs! This month is gonna be awesome for you guys!


The latest public information I’ve found is a media quote from Rob dated Jan 29:


Just to nip any panic in the bud, I’m pretty sure that quote is in reference to non-preorders. :smile:


Hopefully so twenty characters



This is really happening, isn’t it?


I don’t know, is it? :slight_smile: I’m getting that familiar sense of silence from the blog that usually means they’re drawing straws to see who tells the mob about the delay :wink:


Not the case at all, we’re still on track to be shipping orders on the last week of February.


Excellent! In that case the time spent in jail for destroying a state forest was well worth it!


If I remember right all 1 month soylent orders were to be shipped out within 3 weeks once shipping begins. I assume by “all” this includes international orders as well. Just curious about this because it would be easy for me just to ship it to the U.S. and pick it up if there is going to be a long delay for international orders.


The current orders will NOT include international. Soylent has not been approved for import into ANY country as of now. You would be much better of shipping to a US address if feasible foryou.


@JulioMiles I was wondering the status on the international shipping, like im sure many others are, I know you guys have said it will be mid 2014. But what I am really wondering about is the reasons for the timeframe :slight_smile: is it because of regulations and that you havn’t been “allowed” to ship to other counties yet? or is it because you need to build up enough stock of soylent first? how is the process going at the moment if it is because of regulations? I am sure you guys are working hard on it :slight_smile: but hope you can give some insight in the process


Changed to a U.S. address. Is there anything else I need to do @JulioMiles to change from an international order to a U.S. one?