Lessons from trying to gain lean mass on DIY Soylent

I wrote a new blog post about gaining lean muscle mass on DIY Soylent. It is a summary of everything that I have learned. I hope that others will find this useful.


Anyone else with a similar goals on the forums doing DIY? What has been your experience? Do you agree or disagree with some of the statements?

  • If you want lean mass stick to training and hormones, diet is not going to do the trick, and by that I mean you will always gain the same amount of fat regardless of macro ratio (assuming adequate protein 1.6-1.8g/Kg)

  • Oat flour all the way, ditch the masa.

  • Soy protein has the same quality as whey and is a lot cheaper, just make sure It’s low on isoflavones, otherwise, since your are going to consume a good amount of ISP they add up quite fast.

  • Dont overeat, bulk at 115% manteinance and cut at 75-85% (depending starting leanness.)

  • Cardio is useless for anything but CARDIOvascular health, I would go as far as to say cardio is perjudicial for a strenght athlete as it promotes contradicting adaptations in muscle cells.

  • “But if I don’t do cardio I will get fat!”, just dont overeat calories. Muscle building is about stimulus, the calories needed to build muscle are rather small.

  • I recommend reading Lyle Mcdonald’s books and reading bayesianbodybuilding.com , weightrainer.net calculators are useful too.

Link to my main DIY: https://diy.soylent.com/recipes/ambrosia-vita-02