Let's make a Soylent community website


I’m a web developer and I have an idea for website. It’s a social network where you can share recipes but more importantly, you can upload health records. Blood tests, fitness tests, urine tests, even genome sequencing results. This will give the real researchers (aka Rob Rhinehart) all the data the need to map Soylent recipes to optimal health.


I have been a designer for years, I can make things look really pretty :wink: if you can make them functional I would love to help out.


You should make a google group for the project. I’d love to help, but I don’t have a lot of time. So I’d like to keep an eye on the dev cycle and see if my interest will spark some :slight_smile:


Good Idea, went ahead and made a google community if people are interested in gathering there as well. Ill share admin privileges with anyone, just message me.
*Edit, Recommend keeping conversations and such here as Discourse is awesome, G+hangout is an extra tool for us to use via live hangouts and such.


Joined group. C’mon everyone!


I suspect community will stay centered around this discussion forum (which is probably a good thing). The network effect is essential. I also suspect funding from the kickstarter will cover any web development needs - it might even be a local team since Rob lives in San Francisco. (Wait, is that right? Well, California anyways.) That’s just my prediction. I mean maybe you’ll be on the team I don’t mean to discourage anything. Anyway this is all conjecture on my part.


I will do google hangouts during my 30day experiment with soylent on the new G+Community. would be cool to do a weekly Soylent Community Hangout where we all log in and talk about our experiences.


I agree with chris. Let’s coordinate our efforts from here and not break up the community. I’m sure we can get our own category if need be.


So let’s hash out some ideas…

I’m a Rails dev, so I’m biased towards Ruby on Rails. We can host on heroku and manage from github.

What do we call this hypothetical website? I’m thinking SoyletIsMadeForPeople.com
What are the specific goals?
Monetization? Paying the bills?
How social do we want this to be? I’d rather not build an entire social network. Surely it would be better to piggy back on top of an existing network.


I love this Discourse tool, and agree conversation should be centered here. thought the G+ would be nice to do live google hangouts and such, just as an added layer of this community here. Not with the intention to pull connections from here, just add another tool for the community at large.


Rob is probably managing these things. :wink: Or has plans to. All right back to work for me.




Wow @adamwong246 I literally had the exact same name thought of, but I think I kept the “green”. I’m sure it’s a common thought with this product, but nice hivemind anyhow.

EDIT: @Kevin Also, the google “community” is a very nice idea to keep people interested in it. I was actually refering to a google “group”, which works much like a cross between a newsgroup(email updates from a single email address; when replying it goes to all in group) and a discussion forum. Pretty decent for projects, and accessible to users who don’t know any black magic programming.


What do you mean? Managing what “things?”


I’ll help. I can hardly run my iPhone but I can send research articles or links etc?


Goals, monetization, potential web sites. Rob is a software developer remember, that’s just the reason why I think he probably already has at least somewhat of an idea what he’s going to be doing on this front.


I don’t think that Rob is planning on making a community website. A “community” website, by definition, is a website that is built and operated by the community. And, if WE can do a good enough job, then he doesn’t need to worry about it! He can focus on things like actually making this into a global product.

Rob’s already stated that he has huge plans for this product to help fight hunger and whatnot. He won’t have time to manage a billion websites and projects if he truly wants to realize this goal.

Speaking of monetizing, a portion of this site’s money should go towards sending Soylent and appropriate training to those in need.


Well said @sloan . I dont know much about the google groups other than the singularity hub group i am a part of. i have no idea on how to set one up or the likes. if you wanted to cover that bit.

I am excited about the G+ community as the hangout feature is a really a pleasure to use. As I said above, a weekly g+Hangout with community members from here, would be an awesome place to share our experiences and hear questions, concerns, and such live. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105858668070385894822


As far as a community website I actually think this is a community website. Discourse, the forum software, is meant to be entirely community run, moderation eventually falls to the users (at some point the developers may even intend it to be automatic). However the software is in beta. It’s actually potentially the very best form of discussion on the internet right now, even in its beta state. It’s hard for me to imagine a better community platform honestly.

Discourse is meant to do for discussion what Stack Exchange did for Q&A. If you aren’t familiar, StackExchange.com is without a doubt one of the highest quality sources of information on the net. Discourse is being created by one of the Stack Exchange founders. If there’s innovation happening as far as community websites, it’s honestly right here. That’s why I was so incredibly delighted that Rob chose this software (even though Discourse is still in its infancy).

That’s just my 2 cents from someone who followed the blogs of the founders and the creation of Stack Exchange from the beginning, and Discourse from when it was publicly announced. Feel free to do whatever your heart is inclined to, however!


As much as I think most of us would help developing a community website for something we love, it would detract and split users form this site (discourse) which in itself is a community/social website. Creating another website would detract and eventually crumble and would make things harder for new people coming in and not knowing where to look or go. I would suggest to keep everything relevant to this site and keep all the information together. If the information starts to shard, then so will the community and that is something I don’t think anyone wants.

This is coming from the experience of someone who created an website and then decided to split for categorization sake and ended up loosing a bunch of users because things became two complex. (I know two websites isn’t a lot for devs but for the general public, its one more to their increasing network that they have to remember)