Let's be honest: Soylent 1.0 has problems for many people


Are you saying that the Soylent Team needs to change the formula now because if they don’t they will be soon be in damage control mode because this version is a failure?


I wouldnt say there first version is a failure but if they want Soylent to reach its full potential they will need to address these issues. Especially the gas problem as it affects more than just the user. I’ve already received an ultimatum from the gf, if the gas doesnt let up soon I have to choose between her and Soylent.


Choose the Soylent, a gf that puts up ultimatiums of either “her of something” isn’t worth keeping :slight_smile:
(depending on what it is, the less significant it is, the worse she is)


I’m saying that it needs to be a priority tweak for 1.1 or Soylent is going to be the butt of a lot of jokes when the concept goes mainstream.

To follow your iPhone example, once the concept hits mainstream we’re going to see a huge amount of clones. You see that with Apple products all the time: iPhone, tablet, Macbook Air, etc etc. Apple makes the concept popular and sort of gets the marketing/style right, and then everyone else comes out with copies. Why do people still buy Apple? Because people associate it with a quality brand.

But, I dunno, let’s say your iPhone gave you really bad diarrhea until you adjusted to using it for 2 weeks or so(assuming you even did then, I’m on 10 days now and still in gastric hell). Everyone would be using Android phones.


@Treetop, as @Foulzor said, what’s the same are the macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat, fiber). The micronutrients are not the same (because that’s practically impossible for DIY), but they are above the minimum and below the maximum safe RDI for each nutrient.


Whey is more likely to cause intestinal problems. Whey is laden with lactose. Most commercial whey protein comes pre-cut with lactase enzyme, but even so, people who use whey every day are getting more lactose than the average person. If Soylent is giving you gas, overloading your guts with lactose isn’t going to help. It might not hurt, but it certainly won’t help.


Apple products are a bad analogy. Soylent is more like a Microsoft product. It’s a purpose engineered product with utility in mind. Apple would be the company that looks at what soylent is doing, rips it all off, but comes up with a nicer box for it, better flavors, etc. Maybe finds a way to create a nice “pod” that you pop into a machine and it mixes the mix and the oil and the flavor into one drink without any effort. That’s apple’s way. take extant products, make them nicer.

But like apple, people probably will REVEL in pointing out what’s wrong with Soylent.

Farts is a major drawback, yes?


I think he’s saying that if they don’t fix the intestinal distress that results from drinking their nutritional product, their nutritional product will be known as a fart generating sludge and not a miracle food replacement. Like the Pinto. A great inexpensive car. It just happened to blow up if you rear ended it.


So we have a few people who say “let’s shake our creditor’s confidence by tweaking our formula this early in the game even though a relatively low percentage of our customers have reported reasons for their out”. Then you have reporters saying the Rosa Labs had it wrong and have been selling the mustard gas to thousands of people. Then you have everyone afraid of Soylent.

There are risks to every business decision. Just because some customers want instant gratification doesn’t mean it’s going to make the best business sense. I would advise against formula tweak right now unless someone is able to produce dire statistics.

I’m sure the problems listed in above posts have been SWOTed to death, both by Rosa Labs and by the creditors.


There is a reason there is a 1.0 in the name. Making adjustments as necessary is part of the product and the nature of Soylent.


Nestle is developing a Soylent-like “nutrient Nespresso”


This product should not be 1.0 more like 0.5. These issues were most likely reported by beta testers but they probably did not want further delays and went ahead with the relese. So now we are paying good money to participate in the what I still consider a beta test.

So far we beta guinea pigs have discovered an issue with sodium, gas, headeaches/light headedness. I bet it will take at least 6 months for them to correct these issues and then they will release what should of been Soylent 1.0


Yea, sorry bout that. I was skimming and responded before I’d soaked it all up.


I found a solution to the aftertaste of Soylent, which I didn’t particularly enjoy: I now add 2 TBSP of Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder to a pitcher of Soylent. It now has a non-existent/clean aftertaste.


Could it be that going vegetarian is what causes the bubbles? It’s common for people who switch to a vegetarian diet to have a rough time of it gastrointestinally for a few weeks or months. If you use to eat meat at every meal, lots of simple carbs, saturated fats and not much fiber (classic busy techie fast food lifestyle), your flora and fauna goes through a reorg. Because of the wide range of intestinal enviroments it’s not an issue for some, for others it’s terribly uncomfortable.

It makes sense that a lot of people are having gas in the beginning. Wish we could find out if the vegetarians going on Soylent are having the same issues. Not that vegetarians are naturally more healthy, you can still go the sour cream and potato route and still be vegetarian. But if they’ve not been eating meat products for years, then a switch to Soylent may not be as … difficult.

The headaches could be caused by dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, and the lower than RDA amount of salt. Adding that extra 1/4 tsp. that Rob recommended, and more H20, are the easiest first steps to see if things get easier.


This is what I’ve been doing. Partially because of the after taste and partly because I found it too sweet (really it was the smell that was too sweet more than the taste).


You’re actually the one that I got the idea from :slight_smile: I was planning on trying different flavors, and the dark chocolate cocoa seems to have gotten rid of my biggest complaint.


My long-time vegetarian girlfriend also got the Soylent farts. So no, that doesn’t seem to be the problem.


I only had the gas problem for a few days, and then I was fine, still am as a matter of fact. Bad gas is a symptom of having too much protein, and Soylent has a lot so I just lowered my “dosage” and it cleared up right away. I know that’s not everybody’s experience, but it has been mine. I do get bubbly guts if I gorge on real food, but that usually figures itself out.
All and all I find Soylent to be a great product that’s on its way to being an even better one. I think everybody should just calm down and realize many of us have been living off of grabage food for years so even if this isn’t the best thing ever, its still waaaaaayyyy better than a big mac or a slice of pizza.

Also have been doing a personal trainer three times a week and rune everyday while I’ve been on soylent(as well as the odd meal) and have nothing but success in my training and in mood. So for me I’m keeping up with it and not looking back.


No worries, just wanted to clarify for anyone who might be wondering the same thing! :stuck_out_tongue: