Let's discuss Julio Miles beard and hair


I’m sorry but I really have to do this.
Scroll down to his picture.

Get a haircut, lose the cheek-neck beard. Make a properly neutral facial expression.


I wouldn’t say posts like these belong on here… if you feel his beard is too offensive for you. then don’t look at it…
But trying to get more people to dislike his beard by pointing at him and saying look at his “taliban-cheek-neck beard” is unbrolike.

Unrelated, it seems you have something against Soylent, mainly price?, are you taking your rage on soylents price out on Julio or something? :smiley:


On a side note, after looking at Julios beard for a few minutes, I started developing a man crush on him, that smile is amazing with his cute beard <3


This is a little, no very, harsh. This is his personal style. If he chooses to wear a beard and grow his hair a little long,I don’t care as long as Soylent arrives in March.


Lose the permanentspace between your ears.


What is a “sales engineer” is that a fancy name for a sales person?


Great beard, great pic. The look works for him, as does the smile. Although i think, or at least hope, the OP was satirical.


Its a nice beard. Similar to the beard I have right now and chicks seem to love it.


It honestly looks to me like he might shave his lower neck area. Where is the neck beard? I WAS PROMISED A NECKBEARD AND THIS IS NOT A NECKBEARD.


hey, no, there’s a point here. That is sort of a strange picture if you look at it, compared to the last one. Actually, all the new pictures are… if I could only put my finger on i–all the color is gone oh no Rosa Labs has color vampires.

Fight them! Fight them with your powerful BeardLasers, Julio! :open_mouth:


Are you implying the onset of anaemia due to a certain liquid diet?

But seriously folks. If we are down to laughing at photos, the end of the tunnel must be in sight.

Could it it perhaps be that…



The beard of @JulioMiles is an inspiring and indispensable member of our fine organization. I find it reminiscent of Ulysses S. Grant’s admirable cheek-beard.

I worry every day that Julio will shave once his beard’s equity has finished vesting.


You know actually @permanentspace has a point. I’m a attractetarian, so I only eat food gathered, prepared, and served by people of a certain level and quality of attractiveness. That picture makes Julio look more scruffy-sitcom-star attractive, and not the aloof, chiseled supermodel attractiveness that my system needs to be able to properly process food.

So this begs the question; is Soylent taking any steps to get its attractetarian certification? I know it’s a daunting process, but a good first step would be to start with facials and mani/pedis and go from there.


You know, @rob has designed a system which could help you out here…

According to his blog (High Frequency Dating), part of the process uses an algorithm to quantify attractiveness. The system was designed to help him save time in his dating life, and really looks amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re all using it within the next decade.

Even if the system rejects the Soylent fellows, maybe you could use it to save time in finding a company that fits your refined attractetarian needs. I’m sure it would be an easy adaptation of the program.

Check it out here: http://robrhinehart.com


What’s in a beard? So much personality, of course!

Shave off the beard - shave off the personality.


I was about to ask if this thread really existed, until @Rob came along and saved the day.


…And now all is right with the world.


As a man with a healthy beard and long hair, who has now developed a man-crush on this fine fellow, I suggest you go back to whence you came and not troll us successfully again.

At least for a few weeks, like after Soylent ships. :stuck_out_tongue:


First we had Soylent, now we have the Julio Miles Fan Club. Just you and Julio down by the schoolyard?